Dana White: I'm embarassed, UFC 149 main card sucked

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At the post-fight press con, UFC President Dana White ripped into UFC 149 like the pissed off fan he is some times.

"I said this the other day and it's true: We make money," White said. "This company makes money, and I like breaking records. We broke the gate record tonight and I'm embarrassed by it. I was excited when I heard and now I’m embarrassed."

"The undercard delivered -- they were awesome -- and the main card did not. I don't think the Faber-Barao fight deserved the boos that it got. You're talking two of the best guys in the world in a five-round title fight. It was very technical. Everyone knows how good Urijah Faber is and Barao dominated him tonight."

"Cheick Kongo and Jordan pushed against the fence for three rounds and I think that the ref let them do it. TThis isn’t the ultimate clinching championship. It’s the 'Fighting Championship.' And when you see two guys just clinching for three rounds, and then in the third round, they clinch for the entire five minutes, and this idiot is standing around looking at them. As a referee, your job is to enforce the rules and make sure that these guys fight. And if they're not fighting, you break them up and you make them fight. And we're talking about guys that are experienced. Experienced guys who have done enough fights by now. Yves Lavigne was horrendous tonight.

"If the officiating in this sport doesn't change, and I'm not just talking about this sport, I'm talking about combat sports in general, they're going to kill it."

"I’m bummed out about it, I don't know what else to say. I'm pretty honest about it. I'm not out here saying that's the greatest show you've ever seen. It wasn't. When you buy tickets, we come into a market like this, we break the record and do the kind of gate we did because people believe in us. People believe in the UFC, and that when we come to town, we're going to bring you the best fights possible. And then our guys go out and they deliver. Like I said, this is a partnership between us and the fighters. We do our part and they always do theirs. Unfortunately, I was so excited to stick this one up everybody's a-- that said this card sucked, and we didn't."

"We're at UFC 149 and you can count on one hand how many of our shows have sucked, and tonight is one more finger on the hand."


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Megatherium site profile image  

7/24/12 12:31 AM by Megatherium

To be honest, the Fertitta brothers have been stepping on their product for the last couple of years and it's now coming back to bite them. They have a full blown panic among the UFC addicts looming and when that panic finally hits, the suppliers better run for cover because the addict community is going to be out for blood. I've seen what happens during the heroin panics on Main and Hastings in East Vancouver and brother, let me tell ya, you don't wanna be any where near those addicts at times like these. This could get ugly.

Chiron site profile image  

7/23/12 7:22 PM by Chiron

I'm not one to always defend Dana because sometimes I think he's trying to hype things more than be honest, which is understandable because of his job, but I don't think he has much fault with this one. With the injuries this card didn't have the momentum it could have. The fighters that did show up though could've done better. Some of them fought well. Some of the others deserve criticism. The only one that heard the boos where I didn't think it was deserved was the Barao vs Faber fight. It has to be frustrating to be the President of a sports org and know you don't have much effect on the rules and that instead the ones who get to write, implement, and interpret the rules are a bunch of guys in the AC's. To some extent that can be good, but when they get it wrong so badly so often, man I'd go bald too. lol

Chuck Kongo site profile image  

7/23/12 7:20 PM by Chuck Kongo

I thought it was probably the worst show in recent memory....until I finally got to see all of it. The last 3 fights were awful and will completely negate the rest of the card in most peoples' minds. That's the problem. Most people aren't even sitting through a 6 hour show chasing down fights on Facebook to FX until the PPV starts. Lots of people will never see the prelims or will watch them some time later if they even care to. Three boring fights is what most people will remember. That Kongo/Jordan abomination, another hyped up "killer" making his UFC debut by acting like a statue in a staring contest, and a boring uneventful 5 round main event. Nothing that came before, no matter how unexpectedly entertaining, can shake those 3 duds......

Chiron site profile image  

7/23/12 6:57 PM by Chiron

That has to be one of the most ingorant mentalities ever. Seriously, are you a masochist? Do you forget that fans are consumers? If the card was free or someones illegally streaming it, you'd have a point. However, when someone pays for something they have every right to expect a quality product that lives up to their expectations and the hype the seller of that product puts forth. If the product doesn't then that's not the consumers fault, it's the org, the athletes, and/or the officials involved. If the UFC and the fighers say it's going to be good, then you have the right to expect that and if they don't deliver then the UFC and/or the fighters may well be at fault and deserve every bit of criticism they get. True, not every fight is going to be a barnburner. But when a fight isn't good because one or both fighters don't want to engage enough with serious threats, which is what fighting/MMA has always been about, then the fighters deserve all the blame they get for that. They know what they're supposed to do. They know what the fans pay for and it sure as hell isn't hugging against a cage without much threatening in sight for 15 minutes. I don't really blame the UFC for this card not being great because of the injuries. Still, even with the injuries that fighters that did fight should do their best to fight in some manner like they said they were going to, not try to win on some technicality or by stalling. The fighters on the main card, the ones with the most responsibility to make it a quality event, were the ones that largely failed here. I don't really blame Barao or Faber much. Barao did say he played it safe because he wanted the title, but it wasn't that bad and Faber had a rib broken in the first round so I think he did all he could. Ebersole vs Head was disappointing. Ebersole is a tough guy with tremendous heart but it doesn't seem like he wants to do much but wrestle. All I could think of in that fight was "man, if this was Pride rules Ebersole would've been knocked unconscious about 5 times". Boetsch didn't want to fight much cuz he knew he might get KO'd. I don't know what Lombard was thinking but it seems he might've fallen victim to the "I'm in the UFC now so I gotta play it safe and fight as little as possible to get a W and stay here." mentality. Kongo and Jordan sucked. LMAO any fool calling that technical. Jordan didn't want to fight Kongo so he was happy to hold, and Kongo was so gassed he had to resort to hugging. Neither did much to threaten the other - but the defenders of that call it technical. lol I'm a fan of Kongo adn Boetsch but they sucked it up on that card and no one should pretend otherwise. Fans pay a lot of money to watch these events. A lot more than going to a movie. They have the right to expect guys to win, but win by fighting, not trying to get it on a technicality in some poorly written and interpreted rules.

bigdee1983420 site profile image  

7/23/12 3:13 PM by bigdee1983420

LOL How many times does Dana have to remind some of these media people that UFC doesn't pick the judges or the Refs. Its like every interview some media person brings that up like hes not telling the truth. That's pretty common sence that the Government controls everything with athletic commission's.

vruntson site profile image  

7/23/12 11:15 AM by vruntson

Remember those epic Pride cards made more epic with yellow cards and a ref calling for action. The fighters delivered knowing that if they fought well they would be invited to return. Man, I miss top level JMMA.

soupie485 site profile image  

7/23/12 8:53 AM by soupie485

I thought the card was decent, Lombard was a big let down, and Kongo is never someone I care to see but overall I liked the fights. Dana and everyone are being super critical of a card that had a shit ton of fighters drop out. Props to Boetsch and Faber for fighting entire fights with broken bones. Ive seen a lot of other PPV's that were way worse than this one. They made the best out of a cluster fuck in my opinion, I'm a hater and love to hate but I just can't hate on this as much as people are. I must be getting soft.

CHILLITACO site profile image  

7/23/12 7:44 AM by CHILLITACO

Gotta Give credit to Dana. The card stinked. He didn't side step it or shuffle around it. He took it face up and agreed! Lots of respect due there! For a promoter to say his product failed to deliver shows he is still a fan as much as a businessman :D  

Warzone209 site profile image  

7/22/12 7:43 PM by Warzone209

 It's the Referee's job to make sure there is action / advancing their position..Ever Watch a Heavy Weight Boxing Match?  you notice how the Referee seperates them ya yves should take notes but honestly they should fire him and hire Herb Dean  / Big John mccartney fulltime because at least they seperate the fighters for lack of action.

NONURINAUMANA site profile image  

7/22/12 7:42 PM by NONURINAUMANA

Read between the lines. BLAF will rip the fighters who didn't bring it in private. He said as much in his media scrum. Publicly though he blames the refereeing for the mediocre fights. It's damage control 101 and BLAF wrote the fucking book.