Rousey to Phelps: get over yourself. All you do is swim

by Maggie Hendricks | source:

Rousey said while at a party for all American Olympians, the athletes happily mingled together. NBA players hung with the rest of the group, but Phelps had his own area that was just for his group.

"These NBA players are a bigger deal than this guy, and they're hanging out with us. We're teammates. We're not a bunch of groupies. Come hang out with us," Rousey said.

She said it was a similar set-up when Team USA visited "The Oprah Winfrey Show," which rubbed her the wrong way.

"I don't like being somebody's teammate and being treated like I'm a groupie. I didn't even want to go out of my way to say hello to that guy. Get over yourself. All you do is swim. If someone slapped you every time you jumped in the pool, I might have a little respect, but I was a swimmer before I did this stuff, and you can't tell me that swimming is OH MY GOD, because it's not."

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Micha3l Kn1ght site profile image  

8/3/12 9:42 PM by Micha3l Kn1ght

Enough if Honda geez. Like an annoying 12 year old.

HexRei site profile image  

8/3/12 9:40 PM by HexRei

Rosacea is fuckin HOT.

MediumRAPE site profile image  

8/3/12 9:28 PM by MediumRAPE

HAHA. NO FUXKING WAY. That's a gold, she never won world gold. you can clearly read "Pan-American" on the strap. Regional chump.

MediumRAPE site profile image  

8/3/12 5:49 PM by MediumRAPE

I have a better chance of winning an olympic bronze for FOURTH place in a wymyns trip contest, than break more than 40x WORLD RECORDS and get 17x Olympic GOLDs 2x Silver 2x Bronze in swimming.But hey, that doesn't give him the right to NOT TALK to HER. What a disgusting pig.

mcq site profile image  

8/3/12 5:07 PM by mcq

Jesus man, seriously? The GOAT in his particular sport is "useless"?The guy has been more successful in his field than 99% of the human race has been in theirs.I think I saw something where he trained EVERY day from something like age 13 to 18 (including Christmas). 5 fucking years straight of training. If you can't respect his achievements, drive and perseverance as an athlete then you have never been an athlete or trained for anything in your life (so sit down and STFU because you know not what you speak of) are a white-knighting troll (no matter what you say RR won't hook up with you) or are a woman (in which case you're excused).

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8/3/12 4:56 PM by ILoveWatchingJonesBoneShogun


BadrMilk site profile image  

8/3/12 4:40 PM by BadrMilk

kevsh site profile image  

8/3/12 3:01 PM by kevsh

Rhonda: Someone doesn't like me, where is my white knight?MMAFanWA: I'm here my angel, anything else I can do for you? Wash your socks? Clean your windshield? Get on my knees and kiss the floor you walk on????

KC007 site profile image  

8/3/12 2:47 PM by KC007

Another gold for him in the butterfly. What now.

dustin dustin site profile image  

8/3/12 2:43 PM by dustin dustin

She's a kid.