Boetsch: I know I can submit Silva


"For me, when a guy runs his mouth and there's high expectations, it's part of fighting. I've find that I'm kind of the opposite of that. I wanna perform, and maybe that's why I'm not on the radar, and everybody's not talking about me. But, if I beat enough people, it's gonna be hard to ignore me, and it's gonna be hard to deny me that title shot. I'm not sure who they're gonna put in front of me, after a win over Hector, after a win over Okami, but whoever they put in front of me, next, I'll get the win.

I think I match up great (with Anderson Silva). He struggles with wrestlers, and I'm a wrestler that also can do a lot of damage with my fists and kicks and submissions. I haven't been showing my submission game much, but we'll save that for the world championship. If I need to submit Anderson Silva, I know I can."

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picasotrigger site profile image  

7/25/12 1:25 PM by picasotrigger

This is just so he can add "Silva ducked me" to his resume, like every other MW who wins a fight ever... props to Larkin tho, I thought for sure it was going to be a Silva call out but it was a bonus plea.

chaplinshouse site profile image  

7/24/12 7:08 PM by chaplinshouse

 MW, oh MW division how the cans line up to pitch in on padding andy's record.  ok boetsch isn't a can, but he's not the calibur of fighter a so called GOAT is supposed to be beating at this stage in his career.  yet somehow he's right up there as a potential next canidate, dying to pitch in on andy's misleading record.  i would like to see andy fight some of the planets best fighters to get his goat title.  u have to beat the baddest guys on earth to be a true goat. 

UnderTheClock site profile image  

7/24/12 5:11 PM by UnderTheClock

Compare Sonnen charging after Silva each round of each fight, including dropping him, and still losing, to Boetsch's shit the other night. Boetsch will lose fast on cuts after a beating. 

Crianza05 site profile image  

7/24/12 3:45 PM by Crianza05

Top 10 more likely to beat Anderson1. Weidman2. Vitor ( that kick was not on the script, fight could gave been very tough) 3. Sonnen4. Sonnen5. Sonnen6.Sonnen7. Ricardo Arona8. Renato Laranja9. Lombard10. Boetsch...53. Bisping

circa305 site profile image  

7/24/12 3:37 PM by circa305

I give him a much better shot than Bisping.

Bipolar site profile image  

7/24/12 3:29 PM by Bipolar

<blockquote>Client 9 - <blockquote>Bipolar - <blockquote>Brian Littlefield -  Give the guy a break. Hes trying to get himself on the radar. His wins dont seem to be working so he knows he needs to talk a little. Although his performance against Okami wasn't great it was a win and a finish regardless. Thats like saying Andersons win over Sonnen was bad because he got beat up in the earlier rounds. Maybe he was having an off night or had to work through some jitters. It was his biggest fight in his career at the time. Who knows what went wrong but regardless he won. He's now beat a former number one contender (recent) and the title prospect. The dude deserves a shot or one more fight before he gets one. <br /><br />Also the people that say he has nothing for Silva said the same thing about Sonnen the first fight, as well as Tim vs Okami. <br /><br />Hes obviously better than Okami and what I consider better than many of Silvas previous opponents like Cote, Leites and Maia. Why not give him a shot. Will Belfort do any better the second time, I dont think so. Does Bisping have something for Silva that he didn't use against Chael or Dan, not likely. So whose left? Stann? Probably not. The only other person I see worthy of a top 3 if he isn't one is Weidman. So yea, I think Tim should fight Weidman or Silva. <br type="_moz" /></blockquote><br /><br />Do you really believe that Tim is 'obviously better than Okami?' Getting a win over someone doesn't = being better than that person, as I think you would agree. In this case, the only thing that was obvious to me was that Tim looked completely outclassed until he scored the TKO.</blockquote>I do.<br /><br />He didn't just come from behind, he KTFO of Okami and got the W. Not just a close your eyes and throw lucky punch like Jimmo did.<br /><br />He dinged him and then put 6 Jack Johnson style reverse uppercuts on his grill and Okami crumbled just like Hashad. He'd beat him again in a rematch, too.<br /><br />Boetsch is the Rodney Dangerfield of the MW division -- can't get no respect.<br /><br />This is the fun of forums like this one; arguing for your own personal, subjective position. <br /><br />To me, Okami completely outclassed Tim until Tim rocked him and then unloaded. But landing a bunch of hard strikes on a dazed/wobbled opponent isn't that impressive, imo. What Tim did to Okami was really no different than what Serra did to GSP. And just as people could see that GSP was the more skilled and dominant fighter, so it seemed obvious that Okami was better than Boetsch everywhere the entire fight, sans the tko. And there is definitely no warrant for your certainty that Tim would beat Okami if they fought again. But, hey, it's all just opinion.<br /><br />All that said, Boetsch has nothing for Silva. <br />  </blockquote><br />

TOAO site profile image  

7/24/12 3:18 PM by TOAO

Lol at this boetsch guy

Brian Littlefield site profile image  

7/24/12 3:09 PM by Brian Littlefield

 Couldn't have said it better Bat. Do people who say these things believe Sonnen is better than Silva and that Silva got lucky with the triangle and Faels spinning back fist?

Bat21 site profile image  

7/24/12 2:58 PM by Bat21

 Boetsch took a beating for 2 rounds because of Okami's excellent counter-punching, which he couldn't seem to find an answer for. In round 3 he dug deep and found a way to get past Okami's counters to hurt him, then put him away. Isn't that the essence of fighting? Finding a way to win? Damn right that overcoming the skills of a better fighter and beating him definitively = being better than that fighter.