Belcher: I want Belfort


Anderson Silva needs a challenge, and Alan Belcher eyes a win over former middleweight contender Vitor Belfort to build way over this position.

“I am working on it. I want Vitor. It makes sense, but he has to agree,” Belcher told TATAME via email. “It would be the biggest fight of my career. He needs to fight me to be the best right now. He knows it but is smart, he knows I am hard to beat. I would appreciate the opportunity and take the fight very seriously”.

“I loved Rio when I visited. I have friends there and I would be very comfortable.  I look forward to winning the fight and winning more Brazilian fans”, he added.

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UGCTT_Fillthy site profile image  

7/25/12 9:14 PM by UGCTT_Fillthy

Maybe 'huge' was overstating it, if you think huge in terms of Mir/Lesnar II, Rampage/Evans, or Silva/Sonnen II... There's no belt or contender status on the line, but like those fights they have legit beef and loyal followings - I think they bring huge-ish numbers, depending on the rest of the card.Rampage/Evans did 1,000,000 buyrate, why wouldn't Vitor/Wand do a legit buyrate if Wand picks up a win and Vitor drops to Belcher?

Doctor NPD site profile image  

7/25/12 5:29 PM by Doctor NPD

You're delusional if you think Vitor/Wand headlining a PPV would do huge numbers... well, I guess technically 150K is a huge number - just not for PPVs.

DontBeScaredGomi site profile image  

7/25/12 5:25 PM by DontBeScaredGomi

Truth dude what is up with all the doubters? Belcher destroys great guys like cote and palhares and noobs dont get it or something

DoomFarmer site profile image  

7/25/12 4:54 PM by DoomFarmer

Fucking idiotic statement right here.Alan can beat any top guy in the division.You guys have been asleep for way too long.

A Flock Of Seagals site profile image  

7/25/12 2:24 PM by A Flock Of Seagals

wtf?I lol'd at royal rumble.

DontBeScaredGomi site profile image  

7/25/12 2:21 PM by DontBeScaredGomi

 you're a foob, aren't you

DontBeScaredGomi site profile image  

7/25/12 2:19 PM by DontBeScaredGomi

 dude belcher talked about wanting to fight silva not too long ago... he's being a realist and saying he wants a win over belfort which would then have him in the position to fight for the title or a number 1 contender. Weidman turned down a fight, Belcher is looking for one

Reality TV Star site profile image  

7/25/12 11:00 AM by Reality TV Star

Never heard of Belcher

swany site profile image  

7/25/12 10:58 AM by swany

belfort by belcher doing a akiyama and enraging belfort by throwing a front kick

Louisvillain site profile image  

7/24/12 8:07 PM by Louisvillain