1/2-Pt rule not implemented at ABC, Judging changes delayed three mos.

by Kirik Jenness | source: The Underground Blog

The Association of Boxing Commission MMA Judging Committee spent the past year reviewing ABC-declines-full-implementation-of-12-pt-scoring/" target="_blank">1/2 point scoring and the Unified Rules judging criteria.

Chaired by Tennessee's Jeff Mullen, the Juding committee consists of Aaron Davis, Ed Garner, Dale Kliparchuk, Josef Mason, Todd Neal, Nick Lembo, Andy Foster, Terry Smith, and Joseph Cooper. Mullen brings an extraordinary background to the effort; the committee's conclusions represent solid steps forward for the sport.

At the 2012 ABC convention, the ABC voted to adopt the recommendation of the committe to not implement 1/2 point scoring as the recommendation of the ABC.

However, the ABC decided to wait a further 90 days on the changes in the recommended Unified Rules judging criteria. During the 90 days, further public comment and feeback from stakefolders in the industry will be sought.

The committee redefined and repriortized the current judging system. There were several critical elements to the proposed changes:
•Striking and grappling were put on equal footing, where formerly striking had been more important.
•Impact and effect of striking and grappling were brought to the forefront, over the sheer number of strikes or submission attempts, etc. Thus heavy shots and near submissions became more influential in judge a bout.
•Defense was removed a separate consideration, as defense is its own reward.
•Effective Aggression was moved in importance above Cage Control, reversing the former order.
•Offered further clarification on what constitiutes a 10-10, 10-9, 10-8, and 10-7 round, including explicit direction that a 10-10 and 10-7 round should be rare.

The UG is the community, so post your thoughts on the recommended changes, and they will be sent to the top.

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bcolflesh site profile image  

7/26/12 12:49 PM by bcolflesh

Most important post about MMA on this forum in a dog's age - 53 replies.

nnwourgeet site profile image  

7/26/12 12:09 AM by nnwourgeet

-Even rounds scored as 10-10 please, very important fix-Sudden victory overtime rounds for draws - solves the draw problem created by use of 10-10s-Open Scoring, even if just to the corners between the rounds-Add 2 more judges and throw the low and high scores out like judged events in the olympics-force the fighters to wear cups that actually protect from low blows (several types exist), then remove the 5 minutes to recover for low blows but add it in for eye pokes-referees should be able to pause the action to wipe a bloody fighter clean or even to have a cut-man treat a superficial wound like a cut on the top of their head to stem the bleeding (this is not to prevent a gory scene, but actually to help the judges, as many people can't seem to tell the difference between damage inflicted vs damage showing - does a cut in the first round that is still bleeding in the 3rd score points in the 3rd? It shouldn't.)

The_Spider site profile image  

7/25/12 11:27 PM by The_Spider

Whole numbers please...

JoelN site profile image  

7/25/12 11:24 PM by JoelN

What if they added more judges?

Haulport site profile image  

7/25/12 10:56 PM by Haulport

Np. It is definitely true. Anyone whose been around here and knows my posts can confirm. Also, for anyone who is looking for an ALTERNATIVE way of scoring MMA bouts check out my Alt Scoring System: www.ibiny.com/files/altscoring.pdf I was recentingly thinking about splitting the striking scoring into two categories:          - 2.5 points for a 5 min increment and          - 1.0 point for a 5 min increment The idea being to give the judges the option of saying that the striking was so close or their was so little of it that the 5 min increment does not warrant a full 2.5 pts.

bcolflesh site profile image  

7/25/12 10:44 PM by bcolflesh

TTT for discussion.

Lazer MMA site profile image  

7/25/12 9:24 PM by Lazer MMA

Bump I say!

slamming site profile image  

7/25/12 8:39 PM by slamming

The half point system being nixed is great news.It was a VERY short sighted solution, and its amazing that Joe Rogan supported such garbage.Sure, lets give the judges - who are already incompetant further difficulties in judging a fight. 10-10 being "rare" is a stupid movie.10-8 should become much more common.

kingwank site profile image  

7/25/12 7:46 PM by kingwank

On the productive side of things, would it be feasible to adopt a system that rewarded points based on the elements you won. If the categories were striking, grappling, damage, cage control, and aggression, then I'd see each judge award points per round as follows. Category                 Fighter A                     Fighter B Striking                          1                                 0 Grappling                      0                                 1 Damage                        1                                 0 Aggression                   0                                 1 Cage control                 0                                 1 Total                                2                                3 Theoretically, you'd give a zero-zero if there was no grappling in a given round or if neither fighter demonstrated any advantage in a category.  I guess the idea is to earn points rather than unearn them. 

Lovetriscuit site profile image  

7/25/12 7:44 PM by Lovetriscuit

I think you're missing the point - the reward in defending a take down is not getting taken down.Your analogy is like saying you can throw 100 punches but land 1 and "steal the round". I don't think you should be awarded points for defending anything - the reward is in itself that you are not succumbing to what is trying to be imposed onto you and until you can get yourself a better position, a reversal, or a submission you are "losing".