Alvarez agrees to fulfill last bout on Bellator contract

by Ariel Helwani | source:

Eddie Alvarez will fight at least one more time in Bellator.

The former Bellator lightweight champion has agreed to fight for the promotion on Oct. 12, which will fulfill the final fight on his current contract. Alvarez confirmed the news with on Wednesday.

According to Alvarez, his opponent has yet to be signed. The fight will take place Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The promotion is expected to announce his opponent and the fight in the coming days.

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stonepony site profile image  

7/26/12 2:54 AM by stonepony

Yeah, MMA needs a good solid dedicated 2nd level organization. It doesn't need co-promotion and all the bs that comes with it.It's one of the things that destroyed boxing. You get a bunch of alphabet soup "champions" who never fight each other and you constantly have to argue about top-10 rankings because it's all opinion...It's just a recipe for dysfunction and corruption.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

7/26/12 2:21 AM by MMALOGIC

 and that's why they have to sign "prospects" from guam... because there's not a top coach or top camp out their that will allow their fighters to sign with bellator if they believe that fighter is or potentially can be the best in the world... they send their second stringers to bellator.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

7/26/12 2:18 AM by MMALOGIC

 This^...  they need to use game theory.   People would be way more interested in bellator and the tournaments if they knew the winners made it into the ufc... Just like college football.  You invest your time knowing you can likely follow your players into the nfl.  College ball is relevant...  Bellator currently is not. The "college ball" niche is wide open in the mma space but nobody wants to take becuase they have some grandiose illussion that they are gonna be the "pepsi" to UFC's "coke" not realizing the marketplace doesnt want 2 brands in the same space... if they did, the wec would still be here. if they cooperated not only would their product get more attention but they would also get more ex UFC names signing with them (anthony johnson, tyson griffin, etc...), better prospects because they wont need those nonsense contracts, they wouldnt have to compete for talent with the ufc and they could likely sell advertsing to Zuffa to promote their ppv's. but spike is bitter and alas, we know what's gonna happen.

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

7/26/12 1:13 AM by yellow wrkahlc

stonepony, you know what's up. Props, I was thinking the same way right after I saw your post about keeping a good relationship between them instead of starting a "war." It's just good business for them to work together rather than against.That's what I'm saying though: why would anyone sign that? It's like signing your career away. I'm sure they offer extra incentive to agree to that clause because fighters need the extra cash, but it sucks if that fighter turns out to be a Lombard or Askren of Bellator.Sucks, that's all. Just don't like the idea of it.

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

7/26/12 1:13 AM by yellow wrkahlc

lol shit, stonepony, you beat me to it AGAIN.Smart UG'er.

stonepony site profile image  

7/26/12 1:09 AM by stonepony

Nobody is saying they shouldn't honor a contract that they sign.They're encouraging fighters to take dives though. A fighter like Lombard or Chandler, with no competition in the organization, is just stuck.

inf0 site profile image  

7/26/12 1:04 AM by inf0

Alvarez gets wrestlefucked in the UFC.

fryingarmbar site profile image  

7/26/12 1:02 AM by fryingarmbar

How is it a load of bull? If someone isn't comfortable with that clause, they don't have to sign. But once they do, it's only right that they honor their contract.

stonepony site profile image  

7/26/12 1:02 AM by stonepony

They would be smart to streamline the transition process. To normalize it. Make it easier for fighters to move up to the UFC when they get called up. And in return, the UFC can help steer fighters their way. Fighters who hit a losing streak and need to go somewhere to regroup. Bellator could get a ton of talent that way. TUF for instance... There are always several fighters worthy of eventually getting that UFC contract. Send them to Bellator if they get signed after the show.

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

7/26/12 12:45 AM by yellow wrkahlc