Mazzagatti: I don't work for Dana White


“[White] has criticized us and we get a lot of criticism for not standing them up – at least I do,” Mazzagatti said in a telephone interview. “They say we let fighters lay on the ground too long and we’re not doing anything. We don’t make the rules. We enforce them. It’s not our job to make sure the fight goes the way the promoter wants it to go. It’s the fighter’s job. It’s their show.

“They’ve got to be the entertainer. I don’t make the fight what everyone expects it to be. All we do is enforce the rules – period -- and make sure it’s a clean and fair fight.”

“I don’t make the rules. If you want to make a 15-second standup rule, then come up with a 15-second standup rule and I will stand them up in 15 seconds,” Mazzagatti said. “I can only go with what’s given to me. I don’t judge fighters by who they are and what they’re known for.”

“You gotta understand, I don’t work for Dana and we [referees] don’t work for Dana,” Mazzagatti said. “I feel I’m a public servant for the fans and the fighters. I want to make sure the fighters have a good, clean, fair fight that they trained for and expect.”

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WALLSTREET_WRESTLER site profile image  


CAIN v ROTHWELL.....thats when maz started getting ripped by Danawhy does dana tear Kim winslow a new a-hole.....she SUCKSwhy does dana tear Kim winslow a new a-hole.....she SUCKS why does dana tear Kim winslow a new a-hole.....she SUCKS why does dana tear Kim winslow a new a-hole.....she SUCKS maz hasn't been that bad recently....poor guy

ObviousTiger site profile image  

7/29/12 4:17 PM by ObviousTiger

You build a thousand bridges and then suck one cock, you are known as a cocksucker for life

Jack Skellington site profile image  

7/29/12 2:49 PM by Jack Skellington

Mazzagatti lost my respect after the 1st Brock match

ssj site profile image  

7/29/12 2:32 PM by ssj

Mazzagatti is a good ref, complaining about him repeatedly is pathetic lol

sgotwalks site profile image  

7/29/12 2:29 PM by sgotwalks

Hey, don't be white knighten on the white knight dude. It just looks silly when too many white knights show up to the same place at the same time. Besides, if you had followed my glorious adventure from last weekend (thanks being to the amazing CindyO) you might understand that your little horse and joust do not belong in this arena. 

Morgz site profile image  

7/29/12 11:09 AM by Morgz

Simmer down Thumbalina.  Cindy handles & defends herself just fine.  

NONURINAUMANA site profile image  

7/29/12 8:26 AM by NONURINAUMANA

Mind bottled by the Cindy BLAF buyest. My god.

Macedawgg site profile image  

7/29/12 7:13 AM by Macedawgg

 LOL at yellow card to impact their pay.  Fighters don't need their pay tampered with more than it already is. That notion is flat out absurd. Rampage got yellow cards in Pride--he boring? GTFO with that malarkey.

Outlaw'd by Lytle site profile image  

7/29/12 6:30 AM by Outlaw'd by Lytle

A good ref is one that you don't hear about. If they make headlines its mainly a bad news story.

DoubleBagger site profile image  

7/29/12 5:31 AM by DoubleBagger

Back off cracker I'm the black knight, let's do this shit! No white knight cruising in my hood.