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Felice Herrig ‏@feliceherrig
I'm none of the things you want me to be #fb

its a good thing i can fight b/c ide make a terrible gf, mother or goldfish owner...... #fb

Can't sleep ?! Try counting ?'s * thats not a spaghetti

Damn you dirty dreams!!!

Do i surprise people sometimes??? Or do people just see what they want? #fb

Just so we're clear.. 4 all you guys who get turned on by the thought of a woman beating you up.. IT'S JUST WEIRD! #fb

I don't know how girls wear sports bra's in #mma. Ide be popping out all over the place #fb

C'mon! i swear i earn every penny with ur ass..

Felice Herrig ‏@feliceherrig
U stay away from my ass!

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btr740 site profile image  

12/13/12 9:34 PM by btr740

for later

gillyoteen site profile image  

12/10/12 2:50 AM by gillyoteen

felice is awesome cute as hell, great body and attitude I don't see her photos as being trashy, she comes off as somebody who is comfortable in her sexuality to me unlike, michelle waterson, who does look trashy in her pics, like a model pretending to be a fighter, while felice looks more like a confident female jock, which is awesome

RONINXOM site profile image  

12/10/12 1:51 AM by RONINXOM


UGCTT_VA757_GJTT site profile image  

12/10/12 12:41 AM by UGCTT_VA757_GJTT


Joe_Drogan420 site profile image  

12/9/12 11:57 PM by Joe_Drogan420

^well done sir

tres_equis_666 site profile image  

12/9/12 11:49 PM by tres_equis_666

Grabbed this from Twitter a long time ago (forgot whose account)http://www.picvalley.net/v.php?p=u/2247/1140815934453439641355114667xrLX5d1nHDcN8evqAFcr.JPGAnd if you don't think that's her:http://www.picvalley.net/v.php?p=u/1508/1996286733825746530135511468943CT39B7TNtOmW8MV3uG.JPGMods, if this results in the thread being moved to tapout, please delete this post.

BigEyedFish site profile image  

12/9/12 10:26 PM by BigEyedFish

she is just dying to pose naked...

FullyLoadedFists site profile image  

12/9/12 9:57 PM by FullyLoadedFists

Could use sum silicone

shootfightermike site profile image  

12/9/12 8:44 PM by shootfightermike

shes gorgeous