President Shannon Knapp: Invicta 2 got over 230,000 viewers

by Stephie Daniels | source:

In a recent interview with TapouT Radio, Invicta FC President Shannon Knapp discussed the streaming issues, rumors of a Russian buyout, and what the future holds for the promotion.

Stephie Daniels: You had some issues with the stream at the beginning of the event. Who handled your streamcast and will you continue to stream your events using the same company?

Shannon Knapp: Digital Studio 5A handled our streaming needs. They work for Crave Online and do the Sherdog streams, and handled our first event. As far as the issues, I think we're going to evaluate some things; what happened, what were our issues, where does the fault belong. So yeah, there will definitely be an evaluation period before a decision is made. He still turned it around and get it fixed.

It was my word to the fans that I was going to deliver a good stream, and when that didn't happen, I took it quite personal. I can't promise that it will never happen again, because this is life and things happen, but what I can promise you, is that I will do everything possible to make sure that never happens again. Just know that it affected me greatly, and I will do everything in my power to make sure that I give you all what I say that I'm going to give you.

SD: Were you happy with your numbers?

SK: Once again, we came out and blew away any expectations that I had. Coming into this, I didn't really have an expectation, but you can always hope that you did as well as you did the last time. We did beyond what we did last time. Myself, my business partner and my staff are ecstatic. The numbers came in and we couldn't be happier.

As long as those athletes had opportunities, the fights were good, well then, we're happy. To get the numbers we got, we are elated beyond our wildest dreams. It's absolutely incredible.

233K is what the first show did. The last show you had people going to the site to watch, then they'd leave, come back and watch some more. This time, we stayed steady and climbing. I don't want to share the numbers right now, but let's just say we started where we were the last time, and steadily, across the board, we never dropped. We actually increased the numbers and kept the viewers there. For five hours, people did not move. We drew more in and we never dropped off...

At 5:30 pm we had over 100k people sitting in the queue and my prelims hadn't even started. At 6 pm, when the event fired off, we had over 200k people hitting the site at once. Did I expect that great a number to hit all at once? Absolutely not. I can't imagine that the streaming guy quite expected that either. Even with our success the last time, those numbers would bounce up and down, and it wasn't all at once. Thank goodness for EdgeCast, because they came in and saved the day. The servers pretty much went into complete meltdown, so EdgeCast ended up actually hosting the event. My apologies go out to everyone for any problems or disappointment it may have caused, and I hope that we delivered a quality card, despite the bumpy start. Please be patient with us, because we are a work in progress.

SD: There were some crazy things flying around on Twitter that you might be selling to a Russian organization. Is there any truth to the rumors?

SK: First of all, I haven't talked to M-1. I'm not doing any business there. Yes, a Russian businessman did call me and ask to buy Invicta. Did I take the phone call? Absolutely. I take any phone call. I'm taking every phone call that comes to me. Does that mean anything? Absolutely not. I am not selling out. I'm keeping to the commitment and promise I made. I don't know where the rumors are coming from, but I am not selling Invicta.

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Invicta FC 3 - Invicta Fighting Championships 3 takes place Oct 6, 2012 at the United States Memorial Hall, Kansas City, United States.

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Haole site profile image  

8/1/12 8:41 AM by Haole

Like most anonymous blowhards, he/she wont say

MMAfanWA site profile image  

8/1/12 2:24 AM by MMAfanWA

Who are you? I like watching women's MMA and therefore love Invicta, but you've been pretty relentless with the promotion. Are you connected to Invicta? Would be nice to know

CindyO site profile image  

8/1/12 1:06 AM by CindyO

 Really? Who is it? Cindy

Chromium site profile image  

7/31/12 5:52 PM by Chromium

Actually Alexa does take that shit into account (or certainly attempts to anyway). I agree Alexa is far from perfect with smaller sites, even if it's still the industry standard, but I'm much more inclined to believe they are lowballing Invicta by a factor of 1.5 than I am to believe that they overrated their reach by a factor of 10 or 80 or whatever some morons are claiming without any basis or proof whatsoever.

guardbr8kr site profile image  

7/31/12 4:07 PM by guardbr8kr

^^^ better than most UFC events this year imho..

Maverick3744 site profile image  

7/31/12 3:59 PM by Maverick3744

 Stream didnt work at all but i heard good things and def want to watch the next one. 

Haole site profile image  

7/31/12 8:11 AM by Haole

^ that 2.3 billion global www users # is not taking into account that many of them are mobile only users & users that have limited/cafe access for 1 or so hours a week...the # of people with the ability to stream video to a laptop/desktop at anytime is small %anyway, Alexa is garbage anyway

Chromium site profile image  

7/31/12 6:51 AM by Chromium

Alexa traffic reach numbers have come out and Invicta FC did indeed surpass their previous event. On July 28 they had a 0.007% reach of the world's internet users (as opposed to 0.0055% the previous event). Again, I don't know how accurate Alexa becomes at such a small sample size is but I doubt it's off by more than a factor of two. Anyway 0.007% * 2.3 billion internet users globally = ~160,000 viewers.Even if Invicta has been doubling their released numbers (and I'm far from convinced that Knapp is lying), it's still a damn good number. They definitely have more buzz right now than a lot of MMA promotions you might see on HDNet and no doubt got an offer from them. If they have the capital to keep airing shows for free while more rapidly building their fanbase, that is legitimately leverage they may be able to cash in on later on, so it's not a bad strategy (assuming they can fix their streaming issues). I'd probably ramp up the frequency of the shows though. The next one is in just 10 weeks, so that does seem to be a faster turnaround time I guess.

Haole site profile image  

7/31/12 6:41 AM by Haole

while it def doesnt say that in your interview, forum member Authority Figure is claiming 275K and he/she works for the promotion

Haole site profile image  

7/31/12 6:33 AM by Haole

Are you suggesting a WMMA event in Kansas with the entire 2500 seat arena blacked out is a 'major sports promotion'?