Lauzon: A decision is not definitive, a tap or KO is

by Matt Erickson and John Morgan | source:

Joe Lauzon was scheduled to face Terry Etim at Saturday's UFC on FOX 4, but just over a month ago, Etim dropped with an injury, and was replaced by Jamie Varner.

Lauzon doesn't consider himself in a lose-lose situation, even if Varner is thought to be in win-win territory.

"I'm not training for the fighter – I'm training for the bonus," Lauzon on Wednesday told after a workout. "I'm going after that submission, I'm going after that knockout, whatever it's got to be. But I always have something to win."

"Terry Etim's style is so different from Jamie Varner's. He's like 6-foot-3 or something – really tall, really lanky, uses all his long-range weapons and his kicks. We did a lot of (training) that was very specific to Terry Etim that only he does. And now I'm going to a guy who's completely different and doesn't do any of the same stuff. We have like two months of training that was down the drain."

"I always try to finish. If I had a win that went to a decision, that wouldn't feel nearly the same to me. It's not definitive. A submission or a knockout is definitive – a judges' decision is not."

"(Varner) is trying to keep his job, so it's not that he has nothing to lose. But I've been in that underdog role quite a bit – so I know what happens when people sleep on you a little bit. I'm happy to fight him – it's a tough fight."

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FedorEmilioEstevez site profile image  

8/2/12 3:47 PM by FedorEmilioEstevez

Saying decisions are never definitive is stupid. He's just doing a Kenny florian and playing up to the fan boys who cream over any type of finish.

Chiron site profile image  

8/2/12 3:33 PM by Chiron

I've been saying that for years and LnP fans call me a "just bleed" fan. lol Love that Joe sticks to the whole point of MMA and fighting and knows that a finish is the only definitive way to win.Win or lose I'll always be a Lauzon fan.

Tap In site profile image  

8/1/12 10:01 PM by Tap In

 I'm pretty sure a tapout just signifies the end of the current round

dbeedy site profile image  

8/1/12 10:00 PM by dbeedy

Gotta love how joe is always going for the finish. never won a fight by decision.

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

8/1/12 9:55 PM by yellow wrkahlc

I'm very excited for this fight. I like both guys, so it's hard to root for anyone!