Cung Le bleeds his broken foot

source: cungleush

The practice of bloodletting was well-known by the time of Hippocrates, in the fifth century B.C.

It was a central part of the medical canon by the Middle Ages, where it was practiced by both surgeons, and barbers. The tradition can be seen today in the red (blood) and white (cloth tourniquet) striped pole in front of barber shops.

George Washington died after a threat infection was treated by draining nine pints of his blood.

About 150 years ago, bloodletting was declared quakery, and died out.

Or did it?

Chris Shelton, a Medical Qigong Therapist (MQT) from the Morning Crane Healing Arts Center in California does blood letting on Cung Le's foot, which is so damaged a quick survey of the Triginometric literature not even find a word to describe it.


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Radio Raheem site profile image  

8/2/12 8:26 PM by Radio Raheem

It's obvious what's going on here. Cung has obviously been rolling with Tommy Toe Hold.

CindyO site profile image  

8/2/12 8:12 PM by CindyO

 I love Cung but seeing that jacked up foot cost him 2 hot-guy points! Cindy

ShadoKhan site profile image  

8/2/12 4:28 PM by ShadoKhan

 toomany kicks, all that pivoting bent up his toe!! ;) i especially hate it when i see broads with bent toes.... frig...

Tubarao site profile image  

8/2/12 3:34 PM by Tubarao


CLINTK9 site profile image  

8/2/12 3:32 PM by CLINTK9

his toe going sideways is just a very bad bunion issue.

Andyj45 site profile image  

8/2/12 2:40 PM by Andyj45

i started bjj 2 months ago and after my first class my big toe did the same thing(about half as bad as cung)It sucks

MeeRevO site profile image  

8/2/12 2:33 PM by MeeRevO

He's a blessed lol

MeeRevO site profile image  

8/2/12 2:33 PM by MeeRevO

Bleeder* fucking iPhone

Trojan Rubber Guard site profile image  

8/2/12 2:28 PM by Trojan Rubber Guard

it looks like if someone got him in a toe hold, we might see one of these again

Eggbert site profile image  

8/2/12 2:27 PM by Eggbert

His toe is either from a previous break but looks more like a bad bunion