Cerrone: B--ch -ss Pettis should stop hiding behind his injury

source: lowkick.blitzcorner.com

Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone and Melvin Guillard are set to face each other on August 11 in the co-main event for UFC 150: Henderson vs. Edgar in Denver, Colorado. The two trained together and became close friends while at Team Jackson-Winkeljohn in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but their friendship has nothing to do with Cerrone's plans come fight night.

"I plan to win!", Cowboy told Lowkick.com in an interview this morning, "I will fight him and yes, he is my brother, but I want to get paid and I will go through anyone they set before me."

As a former cow-puncher, myself, I asked him if he gave any more thought to bull riding: "I have not done it in a few years, but I love it and would do it again in a heartbeat."

Most fighters tend to not look past their next fight, but when asked who he was gunning for next, one name immediately jumped to the forefront: "Anthony Pettis' bitch ass! Anthony, quit hiding behind your sore shoulder and come to the dance."

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morse site profile image  

8/3/12 10:05 AM by morse


JerseyCityMMA site profile image  

8/3/12 10:01 AM by JerseyCityMMA

For a cowboy, Cerrone sure comes off as a ...nevermind

semtex0809 site profile image  

8/3/12 9:44 AM by semtex0809


MediumRAPE site profile image  

8/2/12 9:52 PM by MediumRAPE

Just like he smashed Ben Henderson and Nate Diaz.

swany site profile image  

8/2/12 9:18 PM by swany

i think cerrone smashes pettis

UnderTheClock site profile image  

8/2/12 6:52 PM by UnderTheClock

Cerrone doesn't put forth a sufficient output to win these very top fights. Too casual. 

MediumRAPE site profile image  

8/2/12 6:28 PM by MediumRAPE

Fighter X (Who believes that he is a Cowboy, BTW) was caught doping for his first fight at WEC. Lost 4 fights since. 0-2 against Benson Henderson. A Self-proclaimed Kickboxer, got his ass handed to him by a grappler. (a Gracie Jiu-jitsu grappler to say the least).Fighter Y has lost only twice in 17 fights. Is 1-0 against Ben Henderson to become The last WEC champion. and is going for UFC gold.This is just as ridiculous as "Anderson Silva is Ducking X".X is always a Xunt.

wreckker site profile image  

8/2/12 6:14 PM by wreckker

Chael sonnen wannabes out of control!Cmon cerrone WTF?Pettis wants to make money and fight calling him scared is bullshit.I am a fan of cerrones style, Not a fan when he tries to be chael

semtex0809 site profile image  

8/2/12 6:03 PM by semtex0809

Hell ya

semtex0809 site profile image  

8/2/12 5:50 PM by semtex0809

I agree diaz fight was one sided, pettolis vs cowboy. Has to happen first before the rematch


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