Dana White: Time for Hughes, Griffin to retire

by Matt Erickson and John Morgan | source: mmajunkie.com

"I absolutely, positively want Matt Hughes to retire," White on Thursday told a small group of assembled media following a news conference for UFC on FOX 4. "What else is there to accomplish? The guy's done everything. He's been a staple in this organization for a long time. He's been f------ awesome. There's nothing left to prove."

"It's so hard for these guys to say 'I'm retired.' It's so hard. The same thing with Chuck, I'm going through it with Matt."

"I would like Forrest to retire. There's nothing left for Forrest to prove, either. He won 'The Ultimate Fighter,' he's had an amazing career, he won the title when everyone thought he couldn't, he's made s--- loads of money, he's got a beautiful wife, he's got a baby.

"If you don't want to be a world champion and you're not in the mix, like I call it, why? What's the point?"

"I get it – it's hard to walk away from walking into the arena with the big crowds and all the s---. But there's a point in time when it's like, 'You've done your thing, man. You've had an amazing career, you've done great things – there's nothing left to prove.'

"He doesn't like hearing it. He doesn't want to hear me."

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Recent Comments »

choadler site profile image  

8/3/12 11:23 AM by choadler

Forrest v bonnar one more time. Give them both good money so they can walk away if they want to.

notsobigmike site profile image  

8/3/12 10:48 AM by notsobigmike

The difference is that these guys were already at the top.I understand the drive to compete, but for guys like Matt or Chuck who were champs for YEARS, what's the point if you're not going to be the best anymore?Purely as a FAN, I want those guys to retire because any fights they have are typically going to be:A) Them getting their asses kicked by the next generation of killersorB) Them getting gimme fights against scrubs or another fading star at best.Who wants to see that?

stonepony site profile image  

8/3/12 1:59 AM by stonepony

No... Have you heard Forrest speak lately? He sounds like he's drunk. He sounds like he's got his mouth guard in 24/7. I like the guy, I don't want to see him Freddie Roach himself. I don't want to see him in a wheel-chair at 50.

kwnel2178 site profile image  

8/2/12 11:50 PM by kwnel2178

I thought Hughes was kind of retired anyways. He's no longer with the H.I.T. squad and it looks like all he does now is hunt. As for Griffin, I was hoping he and Bonner would get to host TUF and then fight eachother one last time.

Godmode site profile image  

8/2/12 11:06 PM by Godmode

Matt is a great fighter, but as a human beeing he is probably a sociopath and a piece of shit, seriously.This beeing said, I wouldn't mind see him in there a few more times against some top dogs.For anyone who doens't know what the fuck I'm talking about here's Sean McCorkle's review of Matt Hughes' book: http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/mma.cfm?go=forum.posts&thread=1691049

Boofhead3 site profile image  

8/2/12 10:16 PM by Boofhead3

I agree but i really wanna see Serra verse Hughes hopefully at madison square garden

Herring In A Fur Coat site profile image  

8/2/12 9:53 PM by Herring In A Fur Coat

Matt Hughes should retire. Griffin I'm indifferent on.

DeusEx site profile image  

8/2/12 8:56 PM by DeusEx

Dana white should stfu and mind his own business.

GSP24 site profile image  

8/2/12 8:53 PM by GSP24

The money is great but some of these guys have such a desire to compete and closing that chapter of their life is really hard.

JerodR site profile image  

8/2/12 8:51 PM by JerodR

Agreed. It is really sad because some fighters can't even try to fight for the title since the UFC doesn't want belt holders to defend the belt...


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