Pettis' camp accepts Cerrone's challenge

by Steven Marrocco | source:

Pettis' manager, Mike Roberts, confirmed that Pettis did indeed turn down the fight, but only because a recent shoulder surgery precluded him from competing at UFC 150. The fighter originally was told he couldn't get in the cage until October, but that timeframe recently was pushed to November.

"I've never suggested 'Cowboy' fight anybody," Roberts on Friday said. "He's definitely not running from 'Cowboy.' Anthony is running for whoever has got the belt, and unfortunately for 'Cowboy,' it's never been him.

"But having said that, if 'Cowboy' wins his fight, and (UFC matchmaker) Joe Silva tells us beating him is going to get us a title shot, Anthony would gladly accept that fight."

According to Cerrone, Pettis was the original opponent he proposed to meet at the Aug. 11 event. He then said he would wait until December to fight Pettis, but Guillard instead took the booking at UFC 150.

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GimmeTwoTacos site profile image  

8/4/12 4:08 PM by GimmeTwoTacos

It was 4 years or so down the drain as far as functional fighting is concerned. I'm glad that I do it when I was young, because it gave me incredible hand eye coordination and fighting instinct. But, it should have been in muay Thai or something else. I suppose that these days it's catching on that karate shops in strip malls are useless, and that it's better for kids to train mma from an early age, but back to the point of the thread, muay Thai trumps tkd nearly every time. Those are just the facts. Admittedly, cerrones hands aren't up to speed with his kicks, but I hope that he learned from the Diaz fight. That will be his advantage coming into this fight... That he just found all the holes in his game. Pettis was tooled by guida through wrestling, and cerrone isn't a wrestler. He did however beat Ben Henderson. In all fairness, though, Pettis and Henderson are a couple of tae kwondo chumps. I think that's what happened in their fight... Henderson didn't use enough of his wrestling.

stlnl2 site profile image  

8/4/12 3:06 PM by stlnl2

I wasnt debating it, I was discussing your issues with it, and it would appear.......I was dead on.

GimmeTwoTacos site profile image  

8/4/12 2:34 PM by GimmeTwoTacos

You guys are debating whether I have my tkd black belt? I do. That is part of my dislike for it. Haven't you ever heard joe rogan talking about how he felt deceived my tkd? How it's mostly useless in mma/real fights? Jesus Christ this stuff I'm talking about shouldn't be news to anyone. All tkd did for me was give me good coordination and hands. The kicks are useless. Which is why I say muay Thai trumps tkd all day, every day.

stlnl2 site profile image  

8/4/12 1:56 PM by stlnl2

Uhh, I think you might be trying to be funny here. Are you serious?

MMAfanWA site profile image  

8/4/12 11:53 AM by MMAfanWA

O_O What? They don't sell TKD bbs over the counter. It's not like you take a year or two of TKD classes and get a black belt

Saltyballs site profile image  

8/4/12 11:40 AM by Saltyballs

After Melvin gets submitted by Donald let him fight Barboza, imo.

Rebel INS site profile image  

8/4/12 10:52 AM by Rebel INS

I completely agree with you. I'm no fan at all of Maynard but he is great (but boring) and shouldn't be hung out to dry because people are more or less afraid of his style of fighting and don't want to lower their stock if they lose to him. One of them should have to face Maynard to warrant a title shot for sure.

Auzzie site profile image  

8/4/12 10:50 AM by Auzzie


stlnl2 site profile image  

8/4/12 10:44 AM by stlnl2

Well, its not like it is a huge investment in time or training to be a BB in TKD, that could be part of his dislike for it (feeling he got screwed regarding time/money spent to get it) I think.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

8/4/12 10:21 AM by MMALOGIC

sure it's not appealing and I understand why they want to steer clear of him at all costs but in my opinion you gotta beat maynard to warrant a shot.  all of these guys have lost recently (cerrone, pettis and melvin)   I think they gotta go through maynard instead of fighting each other. cerrone vs pettis is fun and all, but they gotta prove they can beat a guy like maynard before fighting for the title.  Pettis recently lost to guida, Melvin recently lost to miller/Lauzon, and Cerrone recently lost to Diaz. one of those guys needs to fight maynard... they cant just fight each other.