NSAC collected $5,300,000 in fees last fiscal year

by Cy Ryan | source: lasvegassun.com

The Nevada Athletic Commission said Friday it collected a record $5.3 million in fees and taxes last fiscal year mostly due to high-profile fight cards.

The collections surpassed the previous $4.8 million record set in fiscal year 2007. The most recent fiscal year started July 1, 2011, and ended June 30.

Keith Kizer, executive director of the commission, said the increased revenue was largely due to two fights involving Floyd Mayweather and two featuring Manny Pacquiao. Some UFC cards contributed to the record collection.

The money comes mainly from licensing of boxers and promoters, gate fees and television networks, said Kizer.

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easedel site profile image  

8/4/12 10:03 AM by easedel

and yet they still cant get people who know what the fuck they are doing

Ethan Boyle site profile image  

8/4/12 8:14 AM by Ethan Boyle

That is very interesting. MMA seems to be way more popular than boxing yet boxing is credited for the majority of the revenue. I wonder how boxing makes so much more money than MMA. I'm not knocking boxing at all here, just the opposite, I'm wondering how they are doing such a fantastic job making money compared to MMA which is vastly more popular. Maybe MMA is not as popular as I think it is or boxing promoters have better business plans.

WoodenPupa site profile image  

8/4/12 3:57 AM by WoodenPupa

Yeah, Nevada's economy is on fire!! NSAC is really helping out here. Almost as much as the mining industry! Nothing but philanthropy for miles and miles.

SmackyBear site profile image  

8/4/12 2:57 AM by SmackyBear

That's a nice return on investment for the people of Nevada.They funded the NSAC with less than a million dollars and get five back.Plus increased economic activity for tourists coming for the fights.

FinestScotch site profile image  

8/4/12 2:20 AM by FinestScotch

Pieces of fucking shit... fuck them.

FinishtheFight209 site profile image  

8/4/12 1:57 AM by FinishtheFight209

Fucking scumbags

OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

8/4/12 12:18 AM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

Isn't a year suspension normal procedure for a repeat offender for marijuana?The nsac gets a lot of other things wrong in a much worse way. Nick shouldnt have broken the rules.

JJ1337 site profile image  

8/3/12 11:59 PM by JJ1337

this is why Diaz couldn't get a fair shake, they just want the money

Humphrey site profile image  

8/3/12 11:57 PM by Humphrey

^this. perfectly said

Clarence Parents site profile image  

8/3/12 11:54 PM by Clarence Parents

No. Both sides together form the cancer.