Complete UFC on FOX 4 results

source: The Underground

Main Card (Live on FOX, 8:00 PM ET)

-Mauricio "Shogun" Rua defeated Brandon Vera by TKO (Punches, Round 4, 4:09)
-Lyoto Machida defeated Ryan Bader by KO (Punches, Round 2, 1:32)
-Joe Lauzon defeated Jamie Varner by Submission (Triangle choke, Round 3, 2:44)
-Mike Swick defeated DaMarques Johnson by KO (Punches, Round 1, 1:20)

Preliminary Card (Liveon Fuel TV, 5:00 PM ET)

-Nam Phan defeated Cole Miller by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
-Phil Davis and Wagner Prado declared a no decision (doctor's stoppage due to unintentional eyepoke)
-Rani Yahya defeated Josh Grispi by Submission (North-South Choke, Round 1, 3:15)
-Phil De Fries defeated Oli Thompson by Submission (Face Crank, Round 2, 4:16)
-Manny Gamburyan defeated Michihiro Omigawa by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
-John Moraga defeated Ulysses Gomez by KO (Punches, 1st Round, 3:46)

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KZTT_FawkingxD site profile image  

7/31/14 1:46 AM by KZTT_FawkingxD

alright 2 things before i get started! 1) sorry to bump a HELLLA OLD THREAD!!! 2) search function on this site sucks! I had to use google search and be site specific! just watched the shogun vs Vera fight again on fight pass! What an amazing fight! Both dudes went at it! They edited some of the sponsor shotouts on fight pass, but man that was a good fight.  Watching it over again, I noticed how Mr. Rogan was amped for this fight. Dude was screaming off everyshot normal goldberg like 'like he's clipped he's clipped!' But awesome fight overall. I hope shogun can get the tools he needs to at least put a nice win streak before his career is over.  One of the only recent fights where he utilized kicks really well.  Also, just for a throw back thursday. I can't believe DW promised a title shot to the winner of that fight. No one got it of course, but thought it was funny.

shiki31 site profile image  

8/5/12 6:32 PM by shiki31

Awesome card that was better than the last two ppvs from top to bottom. Even the shogun fight was great, i thought. It was a battle and at least both fighters were scrapping, sloppy or not. Lauzon was awesome swick was exciting and machida was machida. Nice finishes all around.

UGCTT_NKTKDace site profile image  

8/5/12 5:28 PM by UGCTT_NKTKDace

Ouch ... Fkn ouch but might be true:/

Sabaki site profile image  

8/5/12 4:44 PM by Sabaki

Awesome card! Machida looked good. And he is like the only one who has really put jones in the uncomfort zone so a new title shot makes sense.. Rua is very talented but what is up with his cardio. Rua vs Rampage in a 5 round main event plz. wanna see who goes unconsious from to low oxygen in the brain... And then Bader - this guy cleary isnt top 10. Seriously look at his tools. What exactly does he bring except for looking shred and badass??Since im a swede I also liked the idea of Rua vs Gustafsson.. With that said I dont think Gustafsson even if getting Rua fight after that is ready for a title shot. I think he needs atleast 3 more fights before he is ready to have a go at the title.

RicoVelasquez site profile image  

8/5/12 2:07 PM by RicoVelasquez

No lie, I would F'n love to see her peanut butter spread..But yeah I agree that this was the best free card.

tonytr site profile image  

8/5/12 12:50 PM by tonytr

Shogun is past his prime. He'll soon have a Liddell jaw. He'll probably get matched up with Gustaffson next and lose. Machida is still knocking guys out in spectacular fashion and is the only guy to win a round against Jones, so he might as well be the one out of those four to get it.Getting gassed in the second round and taking that many shots from an overmatched Vera isn't all that impressive.

DanChow site profile image  

8/5/12 11:33 AM by DanChow

Shogun is done and Machida looked good but against Bader, who is not much of a stand up fighter that is not saying much.Doesn't matter anyway, who really thinks either Shogun or Machida can beat Jones??Jones might even beat JDS..he is THAT GOOD.

Bry Bry site profile image  

8/5/12 11:23 AM by Bry Bry

^^agreed, SHogun got the win but he didnt look impressive at all..his striking is crisp for the first 1-2 minutes of a fight but after that, he falls apart and gets way does he have anything for Jones... Machida looked good but it wasnt a tough fight..i mean Bader didnt really try much to pressure Machida..2 little linches and then the KO...Bader looked bad out there...

DanChow site profile image  

8/5/12 11:18 AM by DanChow

I looked at my account and I had a shitstorm of messages that I missed...sorry! I answered everyone now but this guy!The following problems were found when processing submission: FreightTrain is only accepting messages from pros or friendsPlease scroll down to correct the problems and submit the form again.

rosario00 site profile image  

8/5/12 11:11 AM by rosario00

Sad to say that Shogun will never return to peak form.. His cardio is shit and has been looking too sloppy in his last few fights