Reem: JDS is afraid of me, pretended not to speak English


"I think he's afraid to fight me. He was happy that the last fight on May 26 didn't happen against us. I approached him at the UFC Fighter Summit in Vegas and said, 'Let's do it. Let's prove something to the world and lets fight.' Then he suddenly acted like he didn't understand English and how he wants to fight Cain first. The fact of the matter is, I'm the number-one heavyweight in the world and if he wants to be the number-one heavyweight, he has to come through me."

"First he wants to fight Cain [Velasquez] and now me. Talk all you want. Come into the Octagon. I will immediately say yes. Give me and the fans what they want. But he's expecting that fight not to happen. I would welcome that fight and want it to happen. I would say yes every time to that fight."

"Junior, give me and the fans and the UFC what they want. You've already fought Cain. That would just be another win. But a win over me would give you the number-one spot. Without a win over me, they'll always question your championship. So bring it to the table, my friend."

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MachidasBrew 209TT site profile image  

8/9/12 11:24 AM by MachidasBrew 209TT

Can't wait for JDS to put away Reem and his 'trt horse sauce'

MachidasBrew 209TT site profile image  

8/9/12 11:24 AM by MachidasBrew 209TT

Exactly what i thought.

Michai site profile image  

8/9/12 10:57 AM by Michai

JDS is too fast and accurate for Reem. If i were a betting man Id put full on JDS with KO.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

8/9/12 10:34 AM by ChaosOverkill

jesus you're a terrible troll

ILoveWatchingJonesBoneShogun site profile image  

8/9/12 10:23 AM by ILoveWatchingJonesBoneShogun

I would be shocked if Reem lasted 2 minutes with JDS

Jons Forsberg site profile image  

8/9/12 9:25 AM by Jons Forsberg

lol no, you got schooled.

Johnny D site profile image  

8/9/12 9:21 AM by Johnny D

JDS is afraid of Reem ?? Yeah, the same way he's afraid of a 5 year old little girl. I'll be glad when JDS finally destroys the myth of Reem being the best heavyweight in MMA.

HayemakeredByHaye site profile image  

8/9/12 7:56 AM by HayemakeredByHaye

Overeem and JDS is by far the more exciting fight.I would like to see Overeem as champ

igorsright site profile image  

8/9/12 6:11 AM by igorsright

I think reem juiced and I could care less.I had pipe dreams he would move to HW in his Pride days.He has incredible genetics, and I feel he could be sauce free and stll be a 240lb shredded heavy...His brother is a hell of a speciman and its apparent their parents produced gifted offspring

catch waves site profile image  

8/9/12 6:00 AM by catch waves

lol @ Overeem ever looking like Vera. Reem has always been a built guy with a 6 pack and super low body fat, he was a huge lhw ad struggled to make weight. When has Vera ever looked anything like young Overeem?Quick, somebody pass the message on to Dana no need for anymore HW fights we have a guy here who has all the answers. I mean it's not like anything random could happen in an MMA fight... there couldn't possibly be any chance of the reigning K1 champ knocking somebody out.What ya gonna say if Reem jumps through all the hoops, passes all the tests and knocks out JDS or Cain to take the title in 2013? Will YOU eat crow and admit you where wrong, stonepony?Hope you put your money where your mouth is and bet the house on the eventual fight mate seeing as its such a concrete outcome.