Nike signs Jon Jones

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Jon Bones Jones ‏@JonnyBones
Blessed to be signed by the biggest sports apparel company in the world #Nike Dreams do come true
Never allow anyone to tell you what you can or cannot do

UFC light heavyweight king Jon Jones joins UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva as the only mixed martial artists to be sponsored by the sports clothing giant. However, while Silva had the Swoosh plastered across his fight gear at UFC 148, “The Spider’s” deal is focused primarily in Brazil.

Jones, meanwhile, will receive global exposure. He’ll also have his own signature line, similar to NBA greats Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

As with most aspiring athletes who grew up during the Michael Jordan era, Jones always dreamed of being sponsored by Nike.

Jones will flaunt his new threads on September 1st when he defends his throne against Dan Henderson at UFC 151.

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blacksamurai site profile image  

8/11/12 4:03 PM by blacksamurai

Jack ass are you seriously saying a 40 something cyclist was nike's poster boy i want some of what you smoking ever heard of Lebron James, Kobe Bryant hell Serena Williams is more popular than that guy lol

johnonguitar7 site profile image  

8/10/12 3:49 PM by johnonguitar7

Who the fuck are you actually calling a fag?You'd probably piss yourself if I looked at you the wrong way.

Cyril Jeff site profile image  

8/10/12 3:37 PM by Cyril Jeff

  yeah, he's done.

spliff site profile image  

8/10/12 3:31 PM by spliff

 you done?

cjlom21 site profile image  

8/10/12 3:25 PM by cjlom21

Salute to you Jon jones, be yourself and have 0 respect for MMA fans. cause they are faceless nobodies that are nothing to the world and never will be. and they cant fight or get girls or get money also. And Jon i cant stand you, but be yourself and fck them all.I also think its funny not 1 UFC fighter speaks of Fedor once they sign with UFC. Fedor is the reason 95 percent of thes fighters started fighting. Good life Dana, Good fking life you got.Your still a bald loser and noone truely respects you dana. remember that

cjlom21 site profile image  

8/10/12 3:23 PM by cjlom21

And in my book, When you get head kicked KO'ed to death, you dont come a fight on Fox. Thats called death in real life. Haha what a joke.Whoever has the most twitter followers gets the decision in UFCJOKE ASS SHIT

cjlom21 site profile image  

8/10/12 3:22 PM by cjlom21

UFC should /kill too for not giving Vera/Shogun fight of the night. You give it to 2 sissy boys like Lauzon and Varner, that fight was Okay, but you guys make me sick. Once Dana gets fired ill come back to MMA, until them. Keep believing his bullshit you fickle b!tches

cjlom21 site profile image  

8/10/12 3:20 PM by cjlom21

Oops i forgot, Go buy your UFC tee's and affliction like shirts so you can impress nobody but some queer MMA fan. hahahhaa Bunch of sissies i love it. same guys that think Joe Lauzon is a great fighter, HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH

cjlom21 site profile image  

8/10/12 3:19 PM by cjlom21

MMA fans= biggest pu$$ies on the planet. half you kids watch MMA for the interviews, weigh ins and the drama. bunch of female men. I wonder if any of you have a Knock out, or have been in a fight? I love it, Too bad your all not tough like me and extremely good looking. I guess id sit on the forums all day talking crap on fighters too./kill yourself

Client 9 site profile image  

8/10/12 3:19 PM by Client 9

This.I wasn't a fan of Bones because I thought he was fake but I am now. He stubbed his toe, got sentenced and all of the dog pilling continues.He's got some growing up to do, but I don't see such vitriol aimed at Sonnen in the same way and dude is a convicted felon. Bones dispatched four ex champions beyond a shadow of a doubt and is already being considered among the sport's GOATS at twenty something years old so what gives?