Report: Penn vs. MacDonald rescheduled for UFC on FOX 5


Tonight on MMA Uncensored, after addressing Jon Fitch's comments about Penn, Nate Quarry had a startling revelation:

Oh my God, talk about a ridiculous thing to say - calling B.J. Penn a "coward". We're talking about B.J., who was the Lightweight champion, who also fought Machida at Light Heavy weight, so he moved up 50 lbs. to fight Machida. Machida, who was undefeated at the time, just knocked out Rich Franklin, just knocked out Stephan Bonnar. B.J. Penn goes to fight him because he's a fighter. That's what he wants to do.

Fitch calling B.J. a "coward" is just Fitch trying to get the attention. Fitch trying to hype himself into another big fight, because the Rory MacDonald fight got postponed. And we have it on good authority, my insider has told me, that that fight has been set for the Fox card in December. So we're gonna get that fight.

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Recent Comments »

UGCTT_Shope site profile image  

8/11/12 6:20 AM by UGCTT_Shope

They'll do a title fight this time around, I've just got that feeling.

Chris27 site profile image  

8/10/12 4:01 PM by Chris27

You think they would put Chris/Tim as the main event of the biggest Fox show of the year? A show that is following two shows with low ratings, with NFL promo, a show they need to do double the ratings they have done the last two shows. You think they put BJ on the card in the co main event only to put Tim B and a guy 200k people saw on Fuel in the main event?LOL. Come on man, I can see that fight being on the card as the 3rd fight but no way in hell is that a main event on Fox worthy fight. Not for the last card of the year thats gonna get NFL promo. It will be Rashad/AG or they go title fight Bendo/Edgar vs DIaz. One of them will probably main event the card.Cain is gonna get a title shot,Reem aint getting that Dec JDS fight so unless they move JDS back to the superbowl card or late Jan thats the only way Cain doesnt get it. That would keep JDS out from May till next year, I dont think they do that. Cain/JDS for the title in Dec and you probably do Hunt/Werdum next.Just dont think there is any chance in hell they put BJ on this card in the co main event with Tim B/Chris in the main event. If that was what they were thinking they would have done BJ/Rory main event and Chris/Tim co main event. No chance in hell that fight gets put above BJ/Rory.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

8/10/12 3:38 PM by MMALOGIC

 It's the co main event. The main event will likely be either weidman/boetsch or Cain/werdum.  it could be Rashad Gustaffson but I doubt Zuffa will feature the same fighter (rashad) on fox since he was in a stinker.    I believe the fox main event will be Boestch/weidman.  Cain/werdum will probably be co main on the overeem/jds fight. 

Chris27 site profile image  

8/10/12 3:36 PM by Chris27

mma junkie is saying its the co main event, NOT the main event.If this isnt the main event what will be? WIll they go title fight or contender fight like Rashad/Gustafsson?Hopefully its Jones/Hendo vs Machida or Bendo/Edgar vs Diaz.

Nick Fury site profile image  

8/10/12 3:33 PM by Nick Fury

maybe BJ will train hard knowing it's on FOX.

pennviachoke site profile image  

8/10/12 1:12 PM by pennviachoke

Where is that event supposed to be? Any idea?

UGCTT_Shope site profile image  

8/10/12 6:22 AM by UGCTT_Shope

Honestly, as a huge Penn fan, I wish he would go to LW. Either way though, it's an honor to see him fight, and I'm glad he's not done. Plus, he seems pumped, so hopefully we see the killer BJ Penn :) Also, does anyone follow him on instagram? He put a pic up about a week or so ago of him, and he was 184 pounds. He said he's trying to put on size, and working hard. He also looked to be in decent shape for being that heavy. BEEP!

Farewell Brock site profile image  

8/10/12 6:09 AM by Farewell Brock

Quebec is like a different country man.... They are beyond passionate

Jaybrone site profile image  

8/10/12 5:26 AM by Jaybrone



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