Pro's react, unanimously believe Edgar won bout with Henderson

source: MMA Today

“@alejandro23430:what do you think?”Edgar.
— Antonio Pezao Silva (@BigfootSilva)

Pra mim o Edgar ta ganhando!!
— Rodrigo Nogueira (@Minotauromma)

Luta muito parelha ... Mas o Edgar esta vencendo.
— Thiago Tavares UFC (@TavaresMMA)

Edgar is winning the fight in my opinion. #UFC150
— Vinny Magalhaes (@VinnyMMA)

Frankie Edgar gets his belt back!
— Krzysztof Soszynski (@KSOSufc)

Iv got Edgar 4-1 up in this fight, good fight but Edgar wins it for me what you think people!! #UFC150
— John Maguire (@MaguireTheOne)

Man I hate to be a judge but think Frankie has just took it ??But a very close fight
— Brad Pickett (@One_Punch)

I think Frankie??? I had 2-2 into the fifth but I suck at judging
— Chris Camozzi (@ChrisCamozzi)

No matter what the judges say people will bitch
— Louis Gaudinot (@LouGaudinotUFC)

Super close but I think Frankie takes it... 3-2. #ufc #ufc150
— Joe Lauzon (@JoeLauzon)

“@ufc: New or Still?” still????
— Brad Tavares (@BradTavares)

Don't agree
— Al Iaquinta (@ALIAQUINTA)

Edgar!!!! @ufc @danawhite @lorenzofertitta
— Diego Sanchez UFC (@DiegoSanchezUFC)

That is bullshit
— Nick Catone UFC (@NickCatone)

Let the bitchin begin!!!!!!
— Louis Gaudinot (@LouGaudinotUFC)

— Nathan Diaz (@NateDiaz209)

— Tom DeBlass (@TomDeBlass)

Frankie Edgar gets his belt back!
— Krzysztof Soszynski (@KSOSufc)

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superCalo site profile image  

8/13/12 2:47 PM by superCalo

You sound very unpatriotic, no offenses but you are not my kind of American, if you don't like it here perhaps go to Russia you commie and see how you like it lining up for half a block just to buy a loaf of bread as you drown your sorrows on homemade vodka.

garagetrainedloser site profile image  

8/13/12 9:24 AM by garagetrainedloser

If you didn't Serve, stfu he can pat him self on the back all he wants he did something you and most others these days are scared to do. He isn't disrespecting anyone he is just trying to talk to relate to his supporters who are mostly service men and women.

flipmode site profile image  

8/13/12 7:58 AM by flipmode

Fuck you Tim.

CaptChaos site profile image  

8/13/12 7:55 AM by CaptChaos

We have to understand that most of us are biased towards 1 fighter and I think Frankie had more people in his corner. Also, and I've said this many times... Watch the fight a 2nd time. I can't tell you how many times I changed my mind on a decision when I watched the fight a 2nd time. I think most of us watch for fun the 1st time and most have us have an interest in 1 of the fighters. Watch it again with a clear, uniased, mind and see how you scored the fight. Remember the judges are doing this on their 1st try. I also had it 2-2 going into the 5th. Interesting that 1 judge had it 49-46 for Frankie. That judge gave 4 rounds to Frankie... I don't know about that...

Kostakio site profile image  

8/13/12 2:17 AM by Kostakio

^ lol

daba site profile image  

8/13/12 2:15 AM by daba

Tim Kennedy is lame. We get it you served in the army. Keep patting yourself on the back and putting down on others. I think it's great guys serve but with that said there's no need to pat yourself on the back every chance you get.

SamboReigns site profile image  

8/13/12 1:50 AM by SamboReigns

This happens sometimes in Mma, I thought BJ beat Frankie in thier first fight. So Frankie didn't get the decision, and Benson did, you win some and you loose some. Some decisions in your favor and some not, let's move on to new matchups. Diaz vs Henderson and Frankie could either fight other top 55ers or drop and challenge Aldo.

Wasa-B site profile image  

8/13/12 1:37 AM by Wasa-B

As-Salamu Alaykum, Tim.

mexican jujitsu site profile image  

8/13/12 1:14 AM by mexican jujitsu

how many people that are using these fighters as a proving point that edgar won, had the same thought when a shit ton of fighters said the same about nick/carlos?

Evilzpet site profile image  

8/12/12 11:03 PM by Evilzpet

Get 'em, Calo!