Dana White: Couldn't have been kicked worse in the balls than UFC 150

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UFC 150 drew massive numbers of fans - over 15,000. However, the total live gate was a paltry $650,000. By contrast, UFC 149 had a live gate of $4,100,000, and UFC 148 set a UFC national record of $7,000,000.

UFC President Dana White discussed the numbers following the event.

"Worst gate since 2007, for a pay-per-view, since 2007," said White, adding "without a doubt."

"We've been talking about it. The shootings here, the fires that have been going on here. It's been a really bad summer for this place. Once all that stuff started going down, we kinda felt it was not gonna be a good gate here."

"We know it's not the [main event marketability]. Everywhere we go, the least of our problems are always the gate. The gates are always usually fine."

"Did you head about that? Yah. DirecTV went down tonight. We couldn't get kicked in the balls worse than we did tonight. DirectTV went down... It couldn't go down last night, right? It had to go down tonight... They dropped it. Whatever happened, DirecTV went down. Black... Never (happened before)."

"It's a big number. Huge number. Fun night (not)."

"It's been a bad summer for this place man. So I'm actually happy that the people who did come had a fun night."


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Tyler Bentley site profile image  

8/14/12 2:48 PM by Tyler Bentley

That's the problem ! Dana Is trying to promote the UFC and not fighters and fights annymore except maybe for Jones and now he is bitching. Everyone around me friends training partners don't even talk about the fights ennymore because nobody is pumpd up for it Dana will be fired in the next five years. But hey im only a keyboard warrior !

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

8/14/12 11:12 AM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

This. Jon Jones is not a draw. They are trying so hard but as long as he is a polarizing figure who clearly is better than his opponents; he just cannot connect with anyone. Jones needs to be Mayweather-esque in order to sell. Until then he is just aloof and too good which isn't good enough to make the masses care. Brock Lesnar made the UFC lazy because he was too big of a star and they didn't have to create him. It fed Dana's ego that UFC was catching up with NFL. This gate along with Faber-Barao response should be enough to suggest otherwise. Jones-Hendo is a one fight card but it's a mismatch not worth buying. Benavidez-Johnson as a main event at 152 is a joke. If Ben Henderson can't sell, you can bet Mighty Mouse won't.

FadeToBlack site profile image  

8/14/12 9:21 AM by FadeToBlack

The shootings here and the wildfires had nothing to do with me attending Jones/Rampage a year ago and not even truly CONSIDERING attending this one.

Flannerz site profile image  

8/14/12 8:37 AM by Flannerz

Maybe the UFC should use FX for a UFC Division 2 type promotion. Put less well known fighters and have young up and coming fighters on there. Don't have Rogan, Goldie, Buffer etc doing it. That way we get loads of fights and it will be more of an opportunity to build stars. A 19 year old could come into the sport fighting on FX and by the time he is on a PPV people have seen 3/4 of his fights on FX

NoNameBias site profile image  

8/14/12 7:45 AM by NoNameBias

I was impressed by Dana's honesty here....I look for holes, and this guy is straight up.Maybe i agree with him afterall.. but jesus H christ... give the fans what they want .. FEDOR.All my casual friends dropped like flies.. damn it.

CKH09 site profile image  

8/13/12 3:12 PM by CKH09

Apperently their system went down. I couldn't order the fight. I called to order and the automated service transferred me to a representative who informed me that their system was down and the he couldn't even pull up my account. Said to try to order by text or on the website. Tried both and neither worked. Had to go to my friends house, who has dishnetwork, and it worked fine.

BigWilliam site profile image  

8/13/12 3:05 PM by BigWilliam

They need to do less events so they can put more good fights together. And try making the fights mean something. There are way to many fights where you have no idea what the title picture implication of the outcome is.

FenixTX site profile image  

8/13/12 2:47 PM by FenixTX

What is this about DirecTV going down? I have DirecTV and ordered the PPV and everything was fine for me.

forrestfan site profile image  

8/13/12 2:26 PM by forrestfan

Main event of Jones/Hendo is great, rest of that card shows they haven't learned yet.

kinson site profile image  

8/13/12 2:15 PM by kinson

The UFC needs less injuries. Then I think all these lackluster cards would have been better.