Tate: Rematch with Rousey warranted

by Brian Hemminger | source: mmamania.com

Brian Hemminger (MMAmania.com): Do you have any concerns that that because you're on the undercard, that even if you have an exciting finish, it would not get as much exposure to get that title shot again?

Miesha Tate: Well, I think fortunately with the fanpower that I have to this point, and the honest assessment is I won't get as much exposure as I would on Showtime but the people that matter will be watching. I know that Dana White will be watching and I know that Sean Shelby, the matchmaker, will be watching and I know that my fans will be watching.

I have a lot of fans and I have a lot of people that really support me and no matter what happens, the footage will be on YouTube, it's gonna get out there and it's gonna be talked about because my goal is to go out there and steal the show. I want to have a better fight than Ronda and Sarah do. That's my goal. I'm gonna do the best that I can with the following and the viewership that I have.

Brian Hemminger (MMAmania.com): There's been some rumblings that Cyborg Santos could get the next title shot since she's potentially allowed to come back in December. Would that bum you out if they chose her over you if you go out there and do a good job.

Miesha Tate: Yeah, I think so. It would probably bother me because I think that in our first fight, call me crazy, but if you follow the sport of mixed martial arts, the techniques that were happening when me and Ronda were fighting, it was very back-and-forth. It was very competitive and I think I'm the only person to have ever escaped an armbar attempt of hers. I obviously have the skills to hang with her on the ground and I have the advantage on the feet so it wasn't a one-sided match by any means in my opinion.

I got caught in an armbar and I lost, but up until that point, it was really competitive and had I not got armbarred at the end of that round, it may have been a debate about who won the round and we'd have gone on to the next round. It wasn't like she just went out there and creamed me. For the future, I think a rematch would be warrented.

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shootfightermike site profile image  

8/16/12 10:49 AM by shootfightermike


Evzey site profile image  

8/16/12 7:12 AM by Evzey

I'd rather watch Rousey Vs Carraway to be honest

TheDigitalRuler site profile image  

8/16/12 7:03 AM by TheDigitalRuler

I don't see why people are giving Meisha so much shit for these comments. Yes, she was decisively and brutally finished, but it WAS a competitive fight.

tres_equis_666 site profile image  

8/16/12 6:28 AM by tres_equis_666

He's probably watch dat ass though.Only reason why anybody watches Miesha anyway...

Strategy101 site profile image  

8/16/12 5:11 AM by Strategy101

She'll get her rematch eventually whether she deserves it or not, because she's marketable, both in appearance and name recognition. For what its worth, I think she's too valuable to womens MMA to not eventually get another shot. Attractive women that have actual fighting talent arent high in number, and while the first part of that statement shouldnt play into the popularity of womens MMA in reality it does. Her delusional comments are either just that, or proof that she's learning and realizes its all about creating hype and changing perceptions of fans to generate enough buzz to talk her way into a title shot.

Stu Cazzo site profile image  

8/15/12 1:43 PM by Stu Cazzo

Tate needs to focus on the future instead of this fantasy land stuff....

Canucks1337 site profile image  

8/15/12 1:41 PM by Canucks1337

no ass pics? what a letdown

Authority Figure site profile image  

8/15/12 1:37 PM by Authority Figure

Had I been able to keep my arse hole cinched in jail, I would have easily avoided HIV and a debate about what an eligible bachelor I was would have commenced upon my release.

garagetrainedloser site profile image  

8/15/12 10:30 AM by garagetrainedloser

The force is strong with this one. You should just tell what will happen in all fights then no more injures and we won't have to pay for ppv no more

garagetrainedloser site profile image  

8/15/12 10:25 AM by garagetrainedloser

She fights on the same card as honda and sarah, i think she should fight chris and winner of that gets honda