Sonnen, Helwani, & Florian argue best pound for pound



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ausgepicht site profile image  

8/15/12 9:35 PM by ausgepicht

Opinions. How do they work? 

swany site profile image  

8/15/12 6:53 PM by swany

How is Hendo better than Anderson ?? Fitzimmons shift ??? UrSaying Hendo is better because when they fought he got caught by a knee and subbed .... That's called losing a fight ...

diggity site profile image  

8/15/12 5:51 PM by diggity

This isn't twitter.... But I agree with you.#hashtagsareturd

Fitzsimmons Shift site profile image  

8/15/12 5:46 PM by Fitzsimmons Shift

"Pound for pound" has always been a BS concept, since it's impossible to just take the lightweight champion (for example) and "scale him up" to 265 lbs without also changing his strength, his reach, his cardio, all the things that make him the fighter he is. It works the other way, too: can we really say a mini Jones fighting at 155 lbs would be just as good as the 205 lbs incarnation? His dimensions would be all warped; all the factors which make him a great LHW would be changed.No, Chael is right; you can only look at what fighters have accomplished in the real world, with their real bodies, and Hendo has clearly accomplished more than anyone. Yes, Anderson beat him, but in a competitive fight that was swinging backwards and forwards before he caught a knee during a flurry -- and Anderson was *by far* the bigger fighter: isn't punching (quite literally) above your weight what being a good "pound for pound" guy is all about?

Billyz site profile image  

8/15/12 5:13 PM by Billyz

damn good point!

orcus site profile image  

8/15/12 4:09 PM by orcus

  What is Henderson better at than Jose Aldo? Subs no, striking no, and even his base of wrestling, he's been taken down far more often than Aldo, and by far lesser wrestlers.

Nub site profile image  

8/15/12 4:04 PM by Nub


Whambo site profile image  

8/15/12 3:38 PM by Whambo

honestly, the whole feud makes it uncomfortable to watch.

Matrixkick site profile image  

8/15/12 3:01 PM by Matrixkick

This piece isn't why I dislike him. He stirs shit up constantly! For example: he asks cowboy at the pre fight press conf if he plans on doing water sports before the event and then follows it up with "does the UFC know?" WTF! He is just looking for drama. I know that's his job to some extent but there are several that seem to stay away from it and still get good stories. Just my thoughts...

Renegadej site profile image  

8/15/12 3:01 PM by Renegadej

I think the main reason I'd give it to Anderson though is the incredible finish percentage he has. Almost all but I wanna say 4 or 5 of his wins have been finishes.