Penn: MacDonald knew he was gonna lose


"I know the reason why Rory [MacDonald] pulled out on September 22nd. The cut is a detail but I know the reason why he pulled out is because he knew he wasn't gonna win. If he let that cut heal, tried to train, whatever it was, whether he should have been in shape already... I've never heard of a guy pulling out of a fight 10 weeks early from a cut. Never in my life have I heard of a guy, 10 weeks before a fight, he got cut, he pulled out. You know what I mean? He feels he has to to what's best for him, for his team, they're gonna do that, but it's 100 percent fact that the reason why they pulled out is because they knew they were gonna lose on September 22nd. If not, you wouldn't pull out, you would go.

Like I said, I had a cut on my eye, 13 stitches inside and out five weeks before the Diaz fight. Didn't care. Opened up from eight weeks every week all the way up to the fifth week before the Diaz fight but did I ever think about pulling out? Not even once. "


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Stu P Dasso site profile image  

8/17/12 11:09 AM by Stu P Dasso


John Nic site profile image  

8/17/12 10:39 AM by John Nic

 The only thing we really saw of BJ leading up to this fight were pictures of him looking out of shape. I imagine Rory has heard or seen the pictures of BJ himself and this would only boost his confidence going into the fight.

GelderdEnd site profile image  

8/17/12 4:28 AM by GelderdEnd

As good as he was, I can't respect a legend when he talks so much rubbish and acts like a baby

ThuggishRuggishBonez site profile image  

8/17/12 2:10 AM by ThuggishRuggishBonez

It's called hyping the fight. He's giving something to put on MMA news headlines. Try not to get too butt hurt. BJ "The Real Prodigy" Penn by KO.

UGCTT_buchu8oolong site profile image  

8/17/12 2:03 AM by UGCTT_buchu8oolong

I feel like I should point out that Sakuraba is the king badass on that list IMHO. Huge fan of Hendo and Penn, but man, Sakuraba would fight Godzilla on TRT after he smoked a pack of cigarettes.

UGCTT_buchu8oolong site profile image  

8/17/12 1:49 AM by UGCTT_buchu8oolong

I assume you have a list then. Penn, Hendo, Sakuraba and....? Not surprising you missed the guy's point, but where is your list of all these guys who have resumes that read off badasses in all different weight classes going UP in many cases like those three I just mentioned. It IS a rarity in modern MMA no matter how much you try a belittle it...

ausgepicht site profile image  

8/17/12 1:14 AM by ausgepicht

Yes, it's just so rare for guys in MMA to challenge themselves against the best! BJ's "...about the only one"!  

MarcusRenatoBlackBelt site profile image  

8/17/12 1:12 AM by MarcusRenatoBlackBelt

Rory would outstrike BJ and dominate him with his boxing advantage.

BosniaST site profile image  

8/16/12 11:43 PM by BosniaST

Ya BJ had 13 stitches. Rory had like 40 and he's not supposed to have contact for a month. If rory is planning on winning he's not gonna just go into a fight with arguably the greatest lightweight of all time while he's not 100%.

guardbr8kr site profile image  

8/16/12 8:03 PM by guardbr8kr

Franky Edgar disagrees.