Bisping: TRT is bulls---


"I think it's absolute nonsense, rubbish, bullshit. Listen, we all get old, we all grow up, you know? At some point, as you start getting older, your balls don't work as well and you don't make as much testosterone, but, that's life and you deal with it. A guy that is 40-years old doesn't make as much testosterone as a 21-year old so he gets an exemption certificate to say, 'So now we will give him as much testosterone as a 21-year old.'

Well, what about me, I'm 33 (years of age), I'm not making the same amount as a 21-year old, but I make more than a 40-year old. Where do we draw the line? It's nonsense. Listen, nature determines that and I don't think we should interfere with that. I think it's cheating very, very well, it's dressed up. Its nonsense, its absolute bullshit and I, for one, am very, very against it. I would never ever do that. I am who I am and I've done well doing what I do."

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bhealthy site profile image  

8/25/12 8:49 PM by bhealthy

if that many americans' balls have shriveled to birseeds by 27 years of age you must have a lot of flouride in your beer and a lot of BPAs in your packaging, and a lot of roids and soy in your food supply. just dont let them sneak in any high fructose corn syrup, or your balls will be INVERTED by time you reach 23!

bhealthy site profile image  

8/25/12 8:26 PM by bhealthy


bhealthy site profile image  

8/25/12 8:25 PM by bhealthy

this arguement is valid and has been around for years, but the value of twenty five years of fighting/training experience is often not realised yet by players under thirty and sidline spectators. which is exactly why you often hear the bufoonish "it just levels the plaing field" fantasy repeatedly parroted in the UG.

jake brake site profile image  

8/17/12 10:16 PM by jake brake

I agree. I used to hate him but have slowly begun to like him. Tough guy whoi think should have got the win over sonnen

Beggsie site profile image  

8/17/12 2:10 AM by Beggsie

Absolutely agree.

inf0 site profile image  

8/17/12 2:01 AM by inf0


te reo M?ori TeHuna site profile image  

8/17/12 1:57 AM by te reo M?ori TeHuna

Since older fighters are allowed synthetic testosterone, i think younger fighters should be allowed to use synthetic fighting experiance.

Dong Johnson site profile image  

8/17/12 1:52 AM by Dong Johnson

 Henderson beat him with HRT NC that win. No honor.

Tankhead site profile image  

8/17/12 1:45 AM by Tankhead

Mikey is really winning me over. He's speaking truth here.