Rousey challenges Cris 'Cyroid' post fight video

source: The Underground

Prior to Saturday night's Rousey vs. Kaufman, Cris Santos Cyborg called out Rousey for a fight, if necessary in the parking lot post event.

After armbarring Sarah Kaufman in 50 seconds, Rousey took control of commentator Mauro Ranallo's interview, too, inviting whatever Cyborg has to offer.

"First of all, I need to send out a challenge to Miss Cyroid out there," said Rousey, the vein in her neck popping out like a cable. "People want to see you have the first fair fight of your life. I'm the champ now - the champ doesn't go to you, you go to the champ. Come down to 135 and let's settle this."

“If you still want to go out in the parking lot, my friend Wetzel brought my set of gloves, and I’m going to be right there.”

Mauro later enquired as to whether Rousey wanted Cyborg next.

"Was the first part not clear enough?" asked Rousey. "I was shouting it dude."

Ranallo finally asked about her signature move.

"Well if your mom woke you up in the morning jumping on top of you and being like 'ALWAYS BE READY ARMBAR NOW!' that's kind of like how it gets ingrained in your brain." explained Rousey. "She would wake me up from sleep to do armbars. It's just the kind of things that makes you think my parents are so mean, and they say ' one day you'll be grateful' and you're like 'no way it will happen'. Well, she's right. I'm grateful."

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Shogun of Harlem site profile image  

8/20/12 1:39 AM by Shogun of Harlem

I think it's smart of Ronda. Make Cyborg cut weight. Think about the effect it would have on Cyborg fighting. I think she can cut at least 1/2 a pound by losing the penis.

JediJitsu site profile image  

8/19/12 7:25 PM by JediJitsu

I hope Ronda doesn't read this thread. So much fail in here.

ScottCL site profile image  

8/19/12 7:03 PM by ScottCL

That strategy sure never won koscheck a title. His wrestling was about as good as it gets for folkstyle.

_33 site profile image  

8/19/12 6:58 PM by _33

Cyroid could make 135 if she stopped fucking juicing and started resembling a woman again.You honestly think with all this time off she couldn't have dropped the muscle she gained through cheating and got close?She never gave a shit about weight before and she's assuming that Ronda and everyone else will submit to her laziness and give in. She a black eye on womens MMA. She deserves nothing. She needs to drop the bullshit and work her ass off and get to 135. Once there, I hope RR snaps her arm off and stuffs it up her cheating ass.

RandyDarsh site profile image  

8/19/12 6:15 PM by RandyDarsh

Lol Ronda knows cyborg can't make the weight, only reason she did that.

Kimbos Lice site profile image  

8/19/12 5:54 PM by Kimbos Lice

20 bucks no one reads your post because its too F'ing long!!!

Fabefromfort site profile image  

8/19/12 4:38 PM by Fabefromfort

There's juice everywhere. The Olympics, Baseball, Football obviously, and MMA is probably the worst with close to 100 percent of the fighters using. Nagative publicity ? You use the caught cheaters like Cyborg to set an example, and appease the fans. It's a cost of doing business. To Cyborg, and the MMA organization in question. You test, and if its negative, you've practiced due diligence, and it holds up in court, or to the Nevada Athletic Commission, or whomever. You put your show on, and everyone's happy. Point is everyone on the globe knows what goes on behind closed doors, but we still want to watch a good fight so...cest la vie..I spose. Now, Cyborg clearly wants to remain a dude essentially, and maintain her weight which means she simply will keep juicing, and be more careful next time around. If she goes to normal off-season shape, she must walk around at the 170-185 poung range. Most likely 178 or so. That is scary shit bro. Maybe even heavier. I clocked in at 178-182 ripped as she was, and walked around at 235-254 pound range. But, I was, and am, a natural. And i am a dude. A pretty good looking, hot one at that. Anyway, I'm beginning to wonder if Rousey is juicing, and I will bet she is doing something. That neck is a tell-tale sign. The musculature, and vascularity around the necks of women become so much more apparent. It's a side-effect in men too, but you notice it more in women. Cyborg's looked virtually nauseating, and disgusting. It will be interesting when, and if she gets back in the ring. The world will be scrutinizing, and analyzing the physique of Cyborg closer than a Mr. Olympia Competition. Wanderlei has been juicing for sooo long, he must have no balls left. If Rousey, and Cyborg do meet, say, at a catch weight of 140, Cyborg would probably pummel Rousey into submission like Ike Turner on Tina. Because, essentially, that's what it is, a Dude on a woman. She would have a good shot if she made 135, and would simply, and literally rape Rousey with Cyborg's new organ like John Travolta on Pee Wee Herman. Rousey might be buying time with the holdout, as she beefs, and juices up to a heavier weight, and adds muscle, and Cardio development. So what goes on in the bedroom with Mr/ Mrs Mantos, uh...Santos.

Kimbos Lice site profile image  

8/19/12 12:27 PM by Kimbos Lice


IGOTBELCHED site profile image  

8/19/12 12:26 PM by IGOTBELCHED

I challenge jon jones to meet me at 145, don't duck me you pussy!

NorthSlopePipeNinja site profile image  

8/19/12 12:21 PM by NorthSlopePipeNinja

That was such an intelligent response, you MUST be correct..


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