Keith Berry critical of officiating vs. Adlan Amagov, asks for rematch

source: The Underground

At Strikeforce: Rousey vs. Kaufman, prelim card fight between Keith Berry and Adlan Amagov was stopped at 0:48 of the first round, when Amagov side kicked Berry in the knee and followed up with strikes.

A highly respectful but adamant Berry came on The Underground, and made the case that the stoppage was premature, and that the critical kick was illegal under the interpretation of the Unified Rules that is in force in California:
§ 522. Fouls.
(a) Fouls in kickboxing and martial arts. The following tactics are fouls in both kickboxing and martial arts and are forbidden. Use of these tactics shall result in a warning and loss of points as determined by the referee.
(1) Headbutts.
(2) Striking downward using point of the elbow.
(3) Openhand attacks to the eyes or throat or eye gouging.
(4) Striking at that part of the body over the kidney or spine or chopping or striking the back of theneck or head.
(5) Spitting, or, in the referee's discretion, slapping.
(6) The use of abusive language in the ring.
(7) Any unsportsmanlike trick or action that causes any injury to an opponent or referee.
(8) Attacking on the break.
(9) Attacking after the bell or gong has sounded ending the round, or when the opponent is out of the ring.
(10) Intentionally pushing, shoving or wrestling an opponent out of the ring with any part of the body.
(11) Linear kicks to the front or side of the knees.
(12) Continuous dropping of mouthpiece.
(13) Intentional evasion of contact.
(14) Hair pulling.
(15) Attacking or obstructing the trachea.
(16) Clawing, pinching or twisting the flesh or grabbing the clavicle.
(17) Pulling or holding uniform below hipline.
(18) Holding ropes or fence.
(19) Small joint manipulation (e.g. twisting of fingers or toes).
(20) Groin attacks.
(21) Fish hooks.
(22) Biting.


Bad Call from Herb Dean and illegal knee strike?!

From: Keithadamberrydotcom
Member Since: 1/10/12
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A lot of people are messaging me on twitter (@kokid951) and Facebook about my fight Keith Berry vs Adlan Amagov.

First I'm so sorry about the outcome. I wanted to slug it out and have a good fight. I finally got a fight with a great striker at my natural weight class (185).

I came out circling and feeling him out so it threw him off. I was then hit with a sidekick to the knee which hyperextended my knee pretty bad causing me to do a weird back roll. But I was totally fine and was trying to work back up. The whole time Herb was concerned I blew my knee and asked me to say if I'm ok and I was trying to say yes and he kept asking me so I yelled while being punched at "I'm Fine!" and tried to do a thumbs up.

Then the fight was stopped, I thought he was going to separate us and take a point cuz of the kick but he called the fight. It was just a miscommunication with me and Herb.

He's been such a great Rref to me in the past so I know this wasn't like him. But also people have been asking about the knee strike and it being legal or not. And I know it's not legal but not illegal in Nevada, but in California we aren't allowed to wear knee pads at all so any strikes directly at the knee is illegal completely. And the stoppage was very bad because I was only touched by one grazing shot.

I would have never verbally submitted even if my knee was blown out so sorry again and I'm working on getting it overturned by the Commission for the illegal strike and bad stoppage because of miscommunication.

Sorry again to everyone who wanted to see a good fight

From: Keithadamberrydotcom
Member Since: 1/10/12
Posts: 71

Thanks guys it's just a bad feeling when you get a call like that! If anyone has the video please post it so everyone can see what I'm talking about. If you look at the punches thrown and look at me I was blocking and dodging them while talking to Herb lol it was hard to multitask but I was never hurt I hardly got hit!

From: Keithadamberrydotcom
Member Since: 1/10/12
Posts: 73

I do want a rematch and it overturned as well, we will see what happens. Sean Shelby is a awesome guy and stuck to his word in giving me that fight so I hope he will get us a rematch ... Adlan is a great fighter and nice guy but he's from Russia and doesn't speak too much English I'm not sure he even knows it was illegal. But I know you can't strike directly at the knee at all. You can hit above or below it but not directly at the knee cap. All refs say it in all rules meetings at every CSAC sanctioned fight

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MdGeist site profile image  

9/26/12 7:38 PM by MdGeist

In combat sports, there should be a gentleman's agreement to not intentionally cause serious harm to another man's knees or feet. By seriously damaging a man's legs, you are destroying his mobility and his livelihood. If it becomes commonplace to attack the knee joint with kicks, I think there needs to be a nation-wide ban on the attack, like there is in California and Massachusetts. Kicks to the thigh don't cause serious damage to joints. Heel-hooks/toe-holds/kneebars have the potential to seriously damage a man's legs but it is a hold with the intention of forcing submission rather than injury.But strikes to the knees and feet can cause unnecessary wear and tear to the joints and can jeopardize a fighter's career in the long-term. There is a reason why American Football bans offensive players from blocking below the waist for the past four decades: Offensive players have caused serious knee injuries by diving into the defenders knees full force

UGCTT_LnPninja site profile image  

9/26/12 7:14 PM by UGCTT_LnPninja

Most gym's also don't go full on for leg locks for the same you feel we should ban those as well?   I find it weird to say a technique should not be allowed that could cause serious harm to an apendage.

MdGeist site profile image  

9/26/12 6:55 PM by MdGeist


DeuceDroppin site profile image  

8/23/12 2:53 PM by DeuceDroppin

UG fan-boi-troll-tards...Please ignore them!

Dallas Winston site profile image  

8/23/12 12:58 PM by Dallas Winston

  It's not the type of the kick but the direction of the travel, thus "linear" kicks. So most side kicks and front kicks that are chambered and then uncorked in a straight line would qualify as linear. Jones, Silva and Vera have used kicks like these quite regularly.

Keithadamberrydotcom site profile image  

8/22/12 2:31 PM by Keithadamberrydotcom

I wanted to keep fighting I didn't ask for it to be stopped! I wasn't even hit on the ground how do you figure I wasnt fighting back?

hockey player site profile image  

8/22/12 1:36 PM by hockey player

You know I'm not sure but I've seen many people including Anderson Silva throw it, but he uses the opposite turn of the hip, like the inside of the leg, and usually these land right above the knee. Amagov straight sidekicked down right at the knee which I think is dirty in ly personal opinion..But regardless, Id like to see these kicks removed. It does nothing but cause permanent damage, or if you're lucky like Keith it just pops out for a second but just long enough for the ref to step in thinking the knee is blown.Herb is a great referee though and I'm positive it will he a long time before we see a stoppage this bad come from him. He even wrote Keith apologizing which he didn't need to do. I actually hope he is the ref as odd as that might sound.

Unwariestpickle site profile image  

8/21/12 5:58 PM by Unwariestpickle

It was more of a side kick then a front kick. Is a side kick considered linear? I don't know. Tough circumstance.

DeuceDroppin site profile image  

8/21/12 5:36 PM by DeuceDroppin

When I saw Herb was reffing I literally looked at my GF and said "here comes an early stoppage". But then again I do that every time I see Herb. I'm right about half the time.

hockey player site profile image  

8/21/12 4:46 PM by hockey player

What males you think he wasn't continuing to fight? He was avoiding all the punches thrown at him meanwhile trying to work guard, all while yelling to herb dean he's fine.