Jones on Nike deal: I just kept the faith


"Everybody said it wouldn't be possible, especially after me getting into my first controversial situation," Jones said. "I just kept the faith, and I kept pushing forward. I kept a positive outlook, and it happened."

Jones joins an exclusive group of athletes recognized as the best in their sport, and he'll be featured alongside superstars Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Tiger Woods, among others.

While the UFC champion is pleased with what the honor means for his career, he also hopes the deal is ultimately recognized as a turning point for all of his sport's athletes.

"It's definitely a magnificent thing — but not only for me," Jones said. "It's huge for me to be the first mixed martial artist to be placed alongside the names of LeBron and Kobe and Michael Jordan. Nike-endorsed athletes are the elite of the elite. But it's huge for everybody. It lets all the Fortune 500 companies know that it's OK to invest in MMA.

"If a fighter has exciting fights and he's marketable, now he can set his goal on Nike. Now it's more feasible, and my message to all the other fighters is, 'If I can do it, you can do it, too.' Goals that seem far-fetched, they're all in reality attainable."

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Musashi site profile image  

8/21/12 1:33 PM by Musashi

The real Nike Swoosh is the sound that will be made when the endorsement is pulled after Dan Henderson knocks his arrogant ass the fuck OUT.

Swift1 site profile image  

8/21/12 12:13 PM by Swift1

(double post sorry)

Swift1 site profile image  

8/21/12 12:13 PM by Swift1

JBJ is so full of himself. Reminds me of when Halle Berry won the oscar and paved the way for all black women everywhere.

DaemonDragon site profile image  

8/21/12 2:29 AM by DaemonDragon

Jones aggrandizes everything he does and makes every move he makes sound like some ground-breaking, amazing new thing that is an MMA first and will forever make things better for other fighters.I think that's part of why people instinctually lash out at him. He's the type of person that if you knew in real life, you'd probably not like either.Him being an athlete makes little difference. People aren't "jelly" - that's foolish talk, when those same people hero-worship other fighters and athletes who are just as rich/famous etc. It's just that Jones seems quite annoying and overly self-important about it.

daishanjamin site profile image  

8/21/12 2:24 AM by daishanjamin

I remember when mma was taken off cable tv and no one thought it would ever be a mainstream sport. Every deal like this is awesome and proves the critics from then wrong. Good job Jones!!!!

skinnywussy site profile image  

8/21/12 1:26 AM by skinnywussy

"I know it's unrealistic to think anybody can be this great, but I've done it, and if you believe in yourself, maybe one day you too can be a living GOD."

LilBrockonmychest site profile image  

8/20/12 11:23 PM by LilBrockonmychest

  Is that your sole focus now?  That Nike didn't care before the meeting and you'll assume it's impossible that anything could've changed during/after the meeting?  Yesterday your reason it wasn't global was because Ariel said it was only worth $20K and that Malki didn't refute the numbers.  Looks like you gave up on those 2 and have moved on.  Keep reaching (and hating) dude.

Alpha World Peace site profile image  

8/20/12 10:25 PM by Alpha World Peace

Shut up about GLOBAL DEALS, people!Malki Kawa stated that Nike didn't care one iota about mma on a north American or global level.

UGCTT_LnPninja site profile image  

8/20/12 9:07 PM by UGCTT_LnPninja

  Well if you are talking about yourself I will cut you way more slack with your trolling threads knowing you are from ChiTown ;)