Rousey: Cyborg has been cheating her whole career


"You know, that girl has been cheating for her entire career, and she's not the champion. She was stripped of her belt. It's not like she was fighting before, and suddenly you saw a huge muscle mass increase from her in her last fight. Everybody knows she's been cheating her entire career. The whole time she's held that belt, I think it's just been a fraud. If she comes off the juice, she won't have any problem making the weight.

Everyone was telling me that after she got caught, she looked really small. She stopped taking all those hormones or whatever she was taking to go to those athletic commission hearings, and then, suddenly, she's all big and huge again and saying that she can't make the weight. Before, she said she probably could make the weight. Now, she sees that she's probably gonna get her butt kicked, she's putting it back on and saying she can't make it. Who else is she gonna fight besides me, anyway? I got a whole line of girls waiting to fight me. She needs to fight me or else she's pretty much done. When she was the champion, I was like, 'Ok. I can't prove that she's doing anything, so I'm gonna have to come up to her at some point, when I'm ready.' But, now I'm the champion, and she's been defamed for good reason, and she has to come and fight me.

She has no other options, and I don't owe her anything. I don't need to do anything for her. Who does she think she is, Muhammad Ali? Creating her own weight division? She's not as awesome as she thinks she is. I've got other things to do. Come down to 135, or I don't have time for you."

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ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

8/22/12 4:42 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 gotta wonder why carano let her up

SamboMMA site profile image  

8/22/12 3:28 PM by SamboMMA

Rousey's definitely got the whole "The lady doth protest too much." vibe going on. Considering what a physically brutal sport Judo is I wouldn't be surprised if Rousey took painkillers and such in the past.I don't care if they fight or not anymore. I wish they both just shut up about each other and move on with their lives/careers.

cheesesteak site profile image  

8/22/12 3:20 PM by cheesesteak

^ I agree. At around 1:25, Cyborg would of had her elbow busted something fierce..

Jumbo Reverse Shrimp site profile image  

8/22/12 12:46 PM by Jumbo Reverse Shrimp

  How can you watch this and think Cyborg has a chance against Ronda?  

The Thread Killer site profile image  

8/22/12 10:53 AM by The Thread Killer

If they bring back Rio Heroes these two should meet with Vale Tudo rules. This woukld be the only way to find out who the better real fighter is. MMA rules would prove nothing.

spirello site profile image  

8/22/12 9:07 AM by spirello

if cyroidguyborg loses some of that man muscle she/he/it can make 135 easily

Shogun of Harlem site profile image  

8/21/12 10:20 PM by Shogun of Harlem

^^ Actually I posted the same thing about Cyborg and no drug testing. Then I found an article that stated she was submitting monthly tests during her suspension.

JerodR site profile image  

8/21/12 8:39 PM by JerodR

The same Gina Carano that took her down with no problems. Rousey would submit Cyborg in under 2 min. easily.

caliguy0906 site profile image  

8/21/12 8:32 PM by caliguy0906

Cyborg's excuse of not making weight is shit, plain and simple. If she stopped the heavy lifting and did more cardio based workouts, she would loose the muscle mass and drop weight while still looking lean and cut. How do you know she and Overeem dropped the PEDS? Are you testing them every day? For all we know with their suspensions, they are roiding up big time before they cycle down and face the commissions again to get re-instated. Cybor using the excuse of never fighting below 145lbs is false too. Apparently Cyborg forgot that she fought Shayna Bazler @ "bantamweight". She weighed in at 140lbs. So, yes, she has technically fought under 145lbs. And why are some people out here saying that Honda should move up because she is calling Cyroid out? The fact is, Cyborg called out Rousey over 2 months ago via Twitter. After winning gold at the World Jiu Jitsu Championships in early June she tweeted a (badly) Photoshopped picture of a beaten and bloody Gina Carano and wrote "You're next Rousey" and hence the shit talking escalated since then.

Unseen site profile image  

8/21/12 7:41 PM by Unseen

 Ronda is playing this exactly right.  Either Cyborg cuts the weight (which will weaken her) or Dana makes them both an offer they can't refuse which would probably make Ronda a chunk of AS money.  Win win Rousey.