White: Sonnen won't earn title shot with win over Griffin

source: mmajunkie.com

"He's a long way away," White said. "He's not coming off the (Anderson) Silva fight and just talking his way into a 205-pound world title shot."

"[Sonnen] is going to have to beat a couple of the best of the world," White said. "If he beats Forrest Griffin, we'll shoot him right into the Top 5 and let him fight some of those guys there, and we'll see what happens."

Of course, there's one man whose right hand could easily throw a wrench into the entire scenario: Dan Henderson (29-8 MMA, 5-2 UFC). "Hendo" meets Jones in the main event of next week's UFC 151 event in Las Vegas, and while the champion is as much as a 7-to-1 favorite according to some oddsmakers, White believes the challenger should not be overlooked.

"I don't think people are giving Dan Henderson enough credit for this fight," White said. "Dan Henderson is awesome. He's a three-time world champion, and … he's got the style to beat Jon Jones. He's got a rock-solid chin, he's a great wrestler, and he's got knockout power in both hands.

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Non N00B site profile image  

8/24/12 7:50 PM by Non N00B

Well well well motherfuckers

Wasa-B site profile image  

8/24/12 7:48 PM by Wasa-B

Me too, bro. Me too.

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8/24/12 5:58 PM by Sal Penis


Deputy Porker site profile image  

8/22/12 2:35 PM by Deputy Porker

Ya I dont know if you joking but that is very realistic thats the same thing that happened with Vitor Wand and Franklin. Wand was never going to fight Vitor my boss called that when they announced the fight

swany site profile image  

8/21/12 6:45 PM by swany

If chael beats Forrest he wil fight jones after machida , and after losing to bones I really cant see where he goes with his career

SlyStallowned site profile image  

8/21/12 5:31 PM by SlyStallowned

What will likely happen if UFC has its way:If Gustaffson/Shogun goes to a decision, Gustaffson will win crooked split decision.Chael beats Griffin by finish (unlikely) or decision (be it earned or questionable).Chael then fights Gustaffson (around March) for title shot and lays and prays his way to victory. Chael fights Jones in July for title.Dates may be off, but im fairly certain the UFC will do whatever is necessary to make this bout happen, and this seems like the most likely (and safest) path....

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8/21/12 5:10 PM by factoryfeel

Money changes everything Money changes everything We think we know what we're doin We don't pull the strings It's all in the past now Money changes everything

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8/21/12 5:06 PM by SaintVon Barksdale

Fuckin' right b.