Pettis to Cerrone: Be ready bro

source: UFC Tonight

That's a question fellow 155-pound title hopeful Anthony Pettis wants answered, after "Cowboy" was "talking a lot of mess" in recent weeks, focusing on the "Showtime" injury that Cerrone claimed was being milked for more than it was worth.

Pettis responds via FUEL TV's "UFC Tonight:"

"Oh it is happening. He is talking too much mess for it not to happen. I'm excited to get in there and scrap with him. I should be ready by early November or late November. Either way by November be ready. So, be ready bro. You've been talking a lot of mess. Be ready. I am coming for that title shot. You're the only guy standing in my way and I'm gonna get it."

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GIRTHMONKEY site profile image  

8/23/12 6:24 AM by GIRTHMONKEY

This is a great match up

YonYones site profile image  

8/23/12 1:32 AM by YonYones

I'd put Lauzon v Varner right up there with the 4 you named.

lgi site profile image  

8/23/12 12:25 AM by lgi

That loss to Diaz seems to have taken Cowboy's game to the next level.

Strategy101 site profile image  

8/22/12 11:30 PM by Strategy101

As a fight fan, I'm always excited to see these two guys fight... the fact they're now going to fight each other? My head might explode!Seriously though, the only way this fight is anything less than stellar is if one of them comes in with a "gameplan" and actually sticks to it the whole fight... something both rarely seem to ever do. As for predictions its a tough one. I think Cerrone might have a slight edge in the striking game and wrestling, but Pettis is more explosive and unpredictable, with both having pretty slick submissions off their back.If Cerrone uses his wrestling I think he'll pull out the win, if not I think Pettis might steal the show with some flashy kicks and slick sub attempts. I'm probably more excited for this fight than any other that I can think of.

naughtiidawg site profile image  

8/22/12 10:51 PM by naughtiidawg

Im taking PETTIS for thiis! SN betting already!

TheVileOne site profile image  

8/22/12 10:48 PM by TheVileOne

Should be an awesome fight, can't wait. Winner should get a title shot.

Strugglezworth site profile image  

8/22/12 10:44 PM by Strugglezworth

Immaculata3 hours ago10er - This has fight of the year written all over it. Or at least #2. Melvin and Cowboy already claimed #1....BIG TIME!I def don't feel like cowboy vs Melvin was fight of the year. Some good onesTkz vs PoirierBendo vs Edgar 1Barboza vs Etim Kampman vs alves

KevinMcAllister site profile image  

8/22/12 10:41 PM by KevinMcAllister

  Ben can be Tuco, since he lives at the end and still has the gold. 

Tranny Yarbrough G(ayest)OAT site profile image  

8/22/12 10:36 PM by Tranny Yarbrough G(ayest)OAT


Soul Gravy site profile image  

8/22/12 10:33 PM by Soul Gravy

"Be ready bro" is not a question. How can it be answered?