Jones to now face Lyoto Machida, September 22nd in Toronto


If you weren't convinced that UFC was cursed before, the news that Dan Henderson injured his knee and the company was forced to cancel the September 1 show headlined by Henderson and Jon Jones for the title. Jones will now be fighting Lyoto Machida for the light heavyweight title on September 22, according to UFC (via Twitter):

Jones vs. Machida 2 will take place at UFC 152 in Toronto

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AceAtGSU site profile image  

8/23/12 11:13 PM by AceAtGSU

Dana is being "a loud mouthed dick" as you put it because Jon Jones turning down the fight with Sonnen cost the UFC millions in revenue.Think if someone lost you or your business money, you would definitely be salty, and if you say you wouldn't be you are a shitty business person. Think logically about Dana's side of this.

MPA2000 site profile image  

8/23/12 10:56 PM by MPA2000

That svcks that Dan won't fight, but Dana is being a total loud mouthed dick about this.Why should Jones accept Sonnen right away, when Machida is given six weeks? Why not put Sonnen and Jones on September 22?Dana is a just acting like a total bitch.

BIGFOOTinMyMouth site profile image  

8/23/12 10:11 PM by BIGFOOTinMyMouth

DAMN!WTF happened? They really cancelled the event? For real?

Cementhead site profile image  

8/23/12 7:40 PM by Cementhead

same main event as the last ufc in Toronto in December

Dreamer site profile image  

8/23/12 6:17 PM by Dreamer

Hopefully...Saw soares said on twitter machida didnt even know and couldnt be reached. So he still has to accept. Plus the whole Jones getting into Canada with DUI issue...Surprised the announced it with it still being unofficial apparently

Ironhouse site profile image  

8/23/12 6:10 PM by Ironhouse

"I don't always fight low dollar fights, but when I do it's because I ducked Chael P Sonnen."

spirello site profile image  

8/23/12 4:31 PM by spirello

 I hope Lyoto knocks him out for cancelling a card 

DBSH209 site profile image  

8/23/12 4:05 PM by DBSH209

Good card.

dogfb site profile image  

8/23/12 3:44 PM by dogfb

Jon Jones saved that card from being shitty! He's a hero! 

UncleDavid site profile image  

8/23/12 3:39 PM by UncleDavid

im totally rooting for machida and i hope that he gets anderson silva money for stepping up!! he deserves it 100% for doing this fight on short notice