Greg Jackson: I'm not trying to ruin the sport


UFC president Dana White just announced the cancellation of UFC 151 after Dan Henderson injured his knee, and Jones refused to fight Chael Sonnen.

An irate White referred to Jones' coach Greg Jackson as being a "f----- sport killer" for refusing the fight.

Minutes later Jackson appeard on The MMA Show Podcast, and defended his stance.

"I was asked if it was smart to take a fight on three days notice," said Jackson. "I don't think it's smart to do that. Three days to fight a guy that caliber is not a smart thing to do. I'm not trying to ruin the sport or cancel an event. I don't know about that stuff, but thought it wasn't a wise course of action."

Listen to entire interview...


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.V. site profile image  

8/23/12 4:41 PM by .V.

Greg Jackson isn't ruining this sport IMO. The judging criteria is ruining this sport. Greg Jackson is brilliant! Win because you had a game plan= more money, more opportunities to get MORE money Lose Because you weren't strategically prepared= less money and possibly less big fights in the future. Do I like boring fights? No. Do I enjoy watching someone trying to out point someone? No. Don't blame Greg Jackson because he puts a gameplan in front of his guys that gives them the best opportunity to win a fight. That's silly and short sighted. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing what you have to do within the rules to win a fight and advance your career. Don't play to the other guys strengths. It's the same in every other sport ever invented! Why should MMA be different? /rant

Ironhouse site profile image  

8/23/12 4:28 PM by Ironhouse

Wouldn't it be equally dangerous for someone taking on BJ on 3 days notice? They act like only BJ would be thrown off by the short notice, it works both ways.

Stephen Holder site profile image  

8/23/12 4:23 PM by Stephen Holder

Prolly the one and only time I'm a fan of Bisbing being a smartass.

YumYumPandaburger site profile image  

8/23/12 4:16 PM by YumYumPandaburger

Michael Bisping did accept to fight Chael on 8 days notice... more balls than the entire Jackson camp?

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

8/23/12 4:11 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 they could make the fight at a catchweigh and a non-title fight, then there wouldnt really be anything to lose, and chael wont have talked his way into a title shot... and since the whole ufc seems to rest on his shoulders, ask for double pay!  

Nexuscrawlers site profile image  

8/23/12 4:08 PM by Nexuscrawlers

Screw over 20 of your fellow fighters because you don't want to take an easier fight on short notice.How are people defending this?It is irrelevant if chael deserves a shot or not, Jones would have made good money and chael isn't that far from Hendo stylistically, but imo chael would be an easier fight.

temp231695 site profile image  

8/23/12 4:04 PM by temp231695

We all know how grudges go with the UFC, Greg may have just fucked a lot of other fighters from his gym as well. If the UFC looks at it as Greg cost them millions of dollars, they may try to cost him some money in return. As they should in my opinion. He got involved, so anything done by the UFC in retaliation is HIS and Jones fault. If Jones would have said "hey Hendo got hurt and Sonnen was the ony one that stepped up to fill in, we need tweek the game plan quick" (no reason to be training new technique or some crap at this point). Jackson should have just said "OK, it's your fight, I'll pull some Sonnen tape" eveything would have been fine and they wouldn't look like shit.

fightcity site profile image  

8/23/12 3:59 PM by fightcity

Well this is the beginning of the end of Jones meteoric rise. He is starting to over anal-yze every thing. Yeah it wasn't an Ideal situation but sometimes you have have to look at the over all picture here.They are obviously worried about Chaels style and how it matches up to Jones. But its MMA not boxing anything can happen. I have been a Jones fan but this is fucked up he should have taken the fight and took his chances.He hasn't even reached his peak and is still learning but now wants to hand pick his opponents.On the other hand I have to laugh at Dana's karma biting him in the ass here. He won't cut Jones because now there is too much money involved with the Nike deal and all. Jones is the first guy that has had enough leverage here to say no to Dana and not get cut because of the finacial aspect. This is really a turning point of sorts in the UFC. Anyone else and Dana would have cut him on the spot. This is the first real crack in the UFC monopoly armor mark my words. As more hardcore athletes like Jones come into the sport the UFC will gradually lose more control as the athletes make more and more money. Him Cormier and Rousey are the first real high level athletes IMO of this caliberMaybe this will be a good thing in the long run. Only time will tell... Still I think Jones should of took the fight.

brianlg site profile image  

8/23/12 3:58 PM by brianlg


Daht site profile image  

8/23/12 3:56 PM by Daht

Jackon just Militech'ed himself.. as soon as he doesn't have UFC champs in his stable, look for his presence in the ufc to witherOnly Militech never had his champions act like a bitch to get on Dana's bad side