Jones' publicist quit last week in frustration

by Kevin Iole | source:

Jon Jones, a fighter who should be celebrated for his athletic brilliance, lauded for his groundbreaking style and beloved for his charismatic ways, is probably now the most despised man in mixed martial arts.

Fighters have stepped up to take last-minute bouts on short notice for years. In 2003, a 38-year-old Lennox Lewis accepted a much more difficult bout, against Vitali Klitschko, when original opponent Kirk Johnson pulled out about 10 days before their match.

Michael Bisping did it for the UFC in January, when on eight days notice he accepted a fight against Sonnen, a high-level wrestler, when he had been preparing for submission expert Demain Maia.

For all the vitriol being directed Jones' way, he has the right to do what he feels is best for his career. Jones, though, looked at it from a strategic standpoint and not simply a fighting standpoint.

His relationship with White and UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta has been irreparably damaged. It's always best to have the bosses on your side and owing you a favor rather than the other way around.

White repeatedly referred to Jones as being rich during the conference call. It was a subtle way of reminding Jones that he made his fortune via his success in the UFC and that he should be willing to do a favor for management when asked.

As Jones has gotten more successful in the cage – his 2011 campaign might be the best in the sport's history – his popularity has waned among fans and media. His publicist quit last week, frustrated by Jones' prickly style and inability to deal well with the media.

By choosing not to take the bout, he made an enemy of the sport's most powerful man. That won't do much for one's long-term prospects, Nike sponsorship or not.

The only thing for sure these days is that Jones is no longer a popular man among his bosses or the sport's growing fan base.

The shrewdest prediction for UFC 152 is to expect boos – lots and lots of boos – whenever Jones comes into public view at the Air Canada Centre. It's something he'd better get used to.

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7titofan7 site profile image  

8/25/12 9:24 PM by 7titofan7

Not fighting will ruin his rep like it ruined titos. He was the champ but wouldnt fight chuck for over a year. I think had he taken the fight and lost people would have had alot more respect for him in the mma community and he could have avoided all dana and chuck drama. Nothing wrong with going out fighting and losing, but picking and choosing fights, refusing to fight as champ and pissing dana off is the fastest way to lose credibility like tito did, and u can never quite get it back. Chuck is right, he'd know better than anyone cos he never made tito or jons mistake and look at him now.

Chuck Kongo site profile image  

8/25/12 6:54 PM by Chuck Kongo

Let me're not a female?That seems to have a lot to do with it as far as "fan interaction" with Jesus Bones The Christ.

Chuck Kongo site profile image  

8/25/12 6:53 PM by Chuck Kongo

I don't give a fuck about "respect" in his direction or mine you dolt and I don't care about his career and how much he makes and I have no personal stake in how any of it plays out because I don't have him or any other fighters on a pedestal like weirdos like you do.If he quit tomorrow I wouldn't care. He's a disposable piece of meat that I kill some free time watching. There are 400+ others in the UFC and more outside of it I can watch or do something else entirely.But I guarantee this....I WILL NOT buy any PPV he fights on in the future and that WILL effect his bottom line and PPV % so there, groupie.

TF_5150 site profile image  

8/25/12 6:25 PM by TF_5150

AGREED !!!!!

SomeoneToDoYourDirtyWork site profile image  

8/25/12 3:47 PM by SomeoneToDoYourDirtyWork

  ....and THAT'S why Chuck won't be remembered as a self-absorbed narcissitic duck & tucker.....FACT!!!!!

dustin dustin site profile image  

8/25/12 3:43 PM by dustin dustin

LOL.. That was dont know what to say. Should i say thank you? Pay you? Vtfu

CLINTK9 site profile image  

8/25/12 3:38 PM by CLINTK9

Sure they may sell that shit, but guess who buys it, another fan who couldnt get out to get the autograph themselves.

Warzone209 site profile image  

8/25/12 3:27 PM by Warzone209

  I dont blame him 90% of the people begging for autographs Ebay the shit...

B_Goetz site profile image  

8/25/12 3:26 PM by B_Goetz

He's fighting for your money, not your respect. Whether you respect him or not, he's the best LHW in the world, and will continue to headline PPVs and get paid millions. The only thing that can change that is a loss in the cage, not the loss of your worthless "respect."

12SixElbow site profile image  

8/25/12 3:22 PM by 12SixElbow

 I've met well over 100 UFC fighters, personalities, Dana White, etc.... The only one who has ever said NO to an autograph and photo = Jon Jones.