Belfort joins 'Blackzilians' in advance of UFC 152

by Steven Marrocco | source:

The fight also marks a change in training scenery for Belfort. The ex-UFC champ and 16-year MMA veteran recently joined up with the 'Blackzilians' at JACO Hybrid Training Center in Boca Raton, Fla., after striking up a friendship with fellow ex-champ Rashad Evans.

Evans, of course, took Jones to a decision at UFC 145, though he was unsuccessful in taking the belt from the 25-year-old champ.

"I have the best people around me," Belfort said. "I'd been talking to Rashad in the back (of UFC events) for so long. I was talking with him and (manager) Glenn (Robinson), and then I fought (Blackzilians member) Anthony Johnson. I didn't want to just go there.

"I see a lot of great guys on the team. I want to learn from the best. If you want to be a lion, you have to train with the lions."

Belfort looks at Jones as just such a lion, but is confident that he has the skills to win the belt.

"How could I not be joyful to fight the best guy at the moment?" Belfort said. "Everybody from my time retired, and nobody would have that opportunity."

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Recent Comments »

slamming site profile image  

8/25/12 9:23 PM by slamming

Rashad beat Tito.

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

8/25/12 8:27 PM by WRESTLENOW

yes and imo thats his only chance, he got taken down by anthony johnson easily and couldnt get up on his own, if JJ gets him down he will make it ugly for vitor really fast.

nomoRomophobia site profile image  

8/25/12 1:40 PM by nomoRomophobia

Like he did Wandy? That would be Epic.

Haole site profile image  

8/25/12 1:39 PM by Haole

While they seem to have all the ingredients for success, have the Blackzillians even won a fight?

Nick Fury site profile image  

8/25/12 1:14 PM by Nick Fury

Best of luck to Vitor, and a really wise camp to join. War Phenom!

Dirty_Boxer site profile image  

8/25/12 11:24 AM by Dirty_Boxer

I'm calling a great fight but not entirely sure how. Either Jones comes out looking to prove something and win back fans by destroying Belfort spectacularly. He could drop the safe game to try and show that he still has some spirit or something like that.The reverse is that all the negativity actually get to Jones and he ends up coming out half the fighter he's been in the past and we somehow get a MW champ at LHW lol

3rdLion site profile image  

8/25/12 10:15 AM by 3rdLion

Would love to see Jones' face as Belfort sprints at him from the bell. I believe.

sonnensseringe1314 site profile image  

8/25/12 3:20 AM by sonnensseringe1314

I like jones but nothing would make me happier to see vitor wanderlai him.

Dookieshoes site profile image  

8/25/12 3:18 AM by Dookieshoes

^^No f-ing way^^ Vitor loses 10/10 times. I don't care if he tranes w/ Seagull's gelatinous ass duct taped to his torso. He'll still lose.

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

8/25/12 3:08 AM by WRESTLENOW

vitors only chance is to blitz jones and get a KO/TKO, but thats basically his specialty so he could definitely do it. i would lose my shit if vitor comes out like he was 20 again and just blitzes Jones like a bat out of hell.