Vitor Belfort chooses Rashad Evans as head coach vs. Jon Jones

by Tom Ngo | source:

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

In Vitor Belfort’s case, the enemy of my UFC 152 opponent is my new head coach.

Shortly before “The Phenom” decided to challenge light heavyweight king Jon Jones for his crown on just one month’s notice, he started honing his skills with the talented Blackzilian squad in Florida.

Although this will mark Evans’ first major coaching gig, Belfort’s decision to have “Suga” run the show is understandable. Theoretically, Evans knows Jones better than any other light heavyweight on the planet.

Not only were they former training partners at Greg Jackson’s gym, but he is also the only man to spend 25 minutes inside the Octagon with Jones in a real fight. Jones posted a unanimous decision win over his prior mentor at UFC 145 in April.

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Billyz site profile image  

8/28/12 1:48 PM by Billyz

he is a great person to advise vitor, they can watch.Yes Rashad lost but he also im sure since then thought of everything he could've done different along with the feeling of fighting Jones. "Well when he does I realized he hit me because of this" While it might be a back ward way of looking at it the input can be invaluable. he knows how hard a strike feels, he can guide and train Vitor to what to expect and react. Jones physical gifts are what make him unbelievably difficult to deal with more so than his undeniable skill. That reach is just game changing plain and simple. Vitor is one hell of a striker and south paw which makes it interesting training with great big strikers such as Alistair and Tyrone Spong. the issue is the unorthodox style of Jones is very different than the classic kick boxing style. Having Rashad there to give his insight about how it feels to be in there with him can make the differenceAll that being said.. Too big, too strong for Vitor and I see him getting put away. (which I fucking hate to even think about)Its going to take a tall long super striker cough cough A. Silva to be able to take the punishment on the ground and put jones out

The Immortal site profile image  

8/28/12 1:19 PM by The Immortal

Evans is an excellent coach. Fighters will make amazing coaches in the future.

SinCityHustler site profile image  

8/28/12 1:18 PM by SinCityHustler

 Great choice by Belfort but I just don't see him having the tools to take out Jones.  Even the flurry is difficult to set up given the distance Jones keeps with his kicks to the knee, front kicks, etc.  I'll be pulling for Vitor but I'm expecting a 1 round beat down by Jones.  

mrgoodarmbar site profile image  

8/27/12 11:01 PM by mrgoodarmbar

totally agree. I just think that once these guys actually got into the clinch they realized how difficult Jones was. They've all gotten brutalized in the clinch..including the spinning elbow to Shogun. Jones a has a great clinch and fantastic elbows to go with his height advantage. I think they need to close the distance and get Jones moving backwards in the striking game, but don't close the distance into a clinch battle.

disbeliever site profile image  

8/27/12 10:04 PM by disbeliever

Rashad had every tool to win, but did a horrible game plan like Rampage did. They both talked pre fight about not letting Jones stay outside and dictate, and they both ended up just sitting back and letting Jones pick them apart.Rashad is a good call as a coach imo. This is probably the best camp for Vitor to be at for this fight. Rashad trained with Jones, fought for 25 minutes with Jones, and knows exactly what NOT to do. He is also training with Overeem, which is awesome.If Vitor doesn't gas, and does what he is known to do, which is blitz the fuck out of Jones with his hand speed, while keeping his wits, and avoids the TD he can win. Just one flurry that lands even a decent shot will make Jones question things. If he allows Jones to get set on the outside and with TDs its a long painful night for Vitor

Entreri site profile image  

8/27/12 9:54 PM by Entreri

Rashad is a good coach. This should be interesting.

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

8/27/12 9:51 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 its gota be hard to train for jj, since hes always got something new and unusual for each fight

Haulport site profile image  

8/27/12 9:50 PM by Haulport

"Everyone has a game plan until they get hit"                                                                         - Mike Tyson                    

Gokudamus stole my name site profile image  

8/27/12 6:30 PM by Gokudamus stole my name

dick tuck

djones site profile image  

8/27/12 6:28 PM by djones