Jones implies Hendo bears the cross for cancellation


On Saturday UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones accepted full responsibility for the UFC 151 cancellation, sort of.

Now, not so much.

Jon Bones Jones ‏@JonnyBones
"Youngest world Champion in UFC history, Fighting toward Greatness, Glorifying Christ, Breaking down walls, Living amazed, Will YOU be a witness?"

@JonnyBones Hendo injured 3+ weeks ago?!!? Who carries the blame now?”

Jon Bones Jones ‏@JonnyBones
Glad you guys are opening up your eyes

Jon Bones Jones ‏@JonnyBones
Dan Henderson Got Hurt 3 Weeks Ago …

Belfort's head coach is gonna be Rashad Evans does that worry you at all?”

Jon Bones Jones ‏@JonnyBones

Retweeted by Jon Bones Jones ‏@JonnyBones
Mike Chiappetta MMA ‏@MikeChiappetta
Vitor Belfort on MMA Hour: "Kids today are worried about their careers. I just want to fight." Different generations, different approaches.

Persian MMA ‏@PersianMMA
@jonnybones @MikeChiappetta LOL. That was directed against you. I guess you missed that part...

Matt Phillips ‏@MattPhillips22
do u think, if u wouldve taken the fight w/ Sonnen & lost, it wouldve hurt ur brand as much as it has by not taking the fight?

Jon Bones Jones ‏@JonnyBones
In the long run, everything will be alright

Arianny Celeste ‏@AriannyCeleste
 I know what its like to be hated rejected by your peers, it will get better, cause we are better than them, call me.

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In other Jon Jones Twitter news, he unfollowed UFC President Dana White.


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Robert P Hansson site profile image  

8/30/12 8:50 PM by Robert P Hansson

Doesn't matter. Jones should have stepped up, but he pulled out like a bitch. He's no champ.

Lazer MMA site profile image  

8/29/12 5:47 PM by Lazer MMA

Per Dana he was ONLY going to fight Hendo period (conference call). Yes it's all moot and irrelevant per that Data.

Damasta Shonuff site profile image  

8/29/12 5:17 PM by Damasta Shonuff

I think I missed your point, are you saying he had nothing to lose or you mean he wasnt going to take any offer no matter what? I agree with both of those statements as well. By contingency plan I mean something that either Jones would have agreed to ahead of time (when Hendo was actually hurt) or getting another big name fight to take the Jones title fight spot. Someone mentioned on another thread that only another title fight could take the place of the Jones fight. If that is true, then I can see how difficult it would be for Dana to have a contingency plan in place. Would be interesting to see if that is true (I know the recent Cruz fight was dropped, but perhaps the interim fight was the same as a title replacement in that case).

Lazer MMA site profile image  

8/29/12 5:02 PM by Lazer MMA

Completely irrelevant Demasta! Look what JBJ turned down! He was not taking a damn thing!

Damasta Shonuff site profile image  

8/29/12 4:59 PM by Damasta Shonuff

I agree with almost everything you have to say. Hendo has always produced and I have always enjoyed his entertaining fights. However, he should have informed Dana (and perhaps he did) thereby allowing Dana to formulate a contingency plan at that time instead of waiting til there was only 8 days left. The good news is hopefully this incident will force the UFC to start making contingency plans ahead of time. Perhaps we will see contract changes as well. Hopefully we will stop seeing 1 fight trying to carry an entire ppv card.

Stevia Viper site profile image  

8/29/12 4:53 PM by Stevia Viper

The blame goes on the UFC and bones. Maybe they can learn from their mistakes

Lazer MMA site profile image  

8/29/12 4:51 PM by Lazer MMA

Horse hockey!Hendo was told he would be able to go and did what he was told to do. He followed the medical instructions given to him, yet for the first time in his career he was unable to go. He has worked his way threw injuries his entire career. He fully 100 percent expected to fight if he did what he was told to do as ever.The card was weak and with the growth of MMA and the UFC needing to feed so many fighters and champions picking and choosing there fights IMO this was going to happen (in addition, all the while no sport can know how many stars they'll have at any period of time).There was a plan B (to the injury that occurred - all be it a fly by the seat of your pants conjured one). JBJ said no to a MW with no time to even train to fight him. It was the most gross mismatch imaginable. It is incomprehensible to most (even those that blame Dana to a large degree) that JBJ did not accept this fight against a MW who did not even train knowing the cancellation would occur as a result of his refusal.You see the decision was unprecedented and defied logic to such a high degree it was hard to prepare for it. To me it's moot if he owed Zuffa, to take a fight (if you call it that) against a completely outclassed MW fighter who had no time to train or no (although I do agree he owed them), the fact is he owed to himself to take the fight! Look at him now!

Stea1th site profile image  

8/29/12 4:16 PM by Stea1th

Hendo didn't pull put his doc snitched.on him

Ice Cold Igors Right Hand site profile image  

8/29/12 4:10 PM by Ice Cold Igors Right Hand

Dana knew about the injury; read up on it.

Wasa-B site profile image  

8/29/12 4:02 PM by Wasa-B

The bottom line is that Hendo is the one that pulled out last minute from an injury that occured weeks ago.Its perfectly understandable that Hendo wanted to see it thru but he was "selfish" in not notifying the UFC immediately at the chance he may have to pull out just as Jones was "selfish" in opting out of the Chael fight.They both acted in their own best interest.