'Strikeforce: Rousey vs. Kaufman' drug tests come back 'invalid'

by Mike Chiappetta | source: mmafighting.com

Drug testing for the August 18 Strikeforce: Rousey vs. Kaufman event in San Diego has been classified as "invalid," the California state athletic commission (CSAC) told media members on Monday afternoon.

The commission would not comment any further, with a spokesperson saying, "we have no additional information" when asked for further details. An "invalid" test is one in which a laboratory is prevented from obtaining a valid result due to any number of circumstances surrounding it.

UFC vice president of regulatory affairs Marc Ratner on Monday told MMA Fighting that the issue was caused by a problem with either the chain of custody or the way the test was collected by CSAC's inspectors.

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bhealthy site profile image  

8/29/12 12:05 PM by bhealthy

LOL!! Nice shot by 11er. But it would be more sad than hilarious. If they both pissed hot it would be a small victory for the UG beta-males that are always alleging that EVERY PRO JUICES.

Authority Figure site profile image  

8/29/12 8:15 AM by Authority Figure

What about your uterus? Would it remain unharmed?

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

8/28/12 6:39 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 if csac fucked up, i think theyd just say "both tested negative" instead of admitting "we fucked up"

buvaiser site profile image  

8/28/12 5:35 PM by buvaiser

my comments are the first i've ever made in regard to steroids in strikeforce. it was in response to the more extreme responses where someone "hoped to god that ronda tests positive". I have no desire to see mma further tarnished. however, i am stating my opinion that it's not surprising if ronda and sarah are using PED's but have never tested positive. not trying that i know any more on the matter than kim kardashian does. my functional literacy is fine. not bad for someone whose second language is english.

tbi0904 site profile image  

8/28/12 4:51 PM by tbi0904

I'm sure you'll blame that on those dastardly Fertitta brothers as well.

XP Ali site profile image  

8/28/12 4:28 PM by XP Ali

Just relax, we don't know until we know.

guardbr8kr site profile image  

8/28/12 4:25 PM by guardbr8kr

weed, it's a helluva drug...

Haulport site profile image  

8/28/12 4:15 PM by Haulport

LOL!!!!!!!! How FUCKING HILARIOUS would it be if they both got popped?????? I might very well tear apart my abdominal wall laughing..............................

hmb site profile image  

8/28/12 4:13 PM by hmb

birth control imo.

bhealthy site profile image  

8/28/12 4:11 PM by bhealthy

both pregnant might impact results