Buffer: Going back to just 'It's time'

by Chris Palmquist | source: middleeasy.com

During the last few events, UFC ring card announcer Bruce Buffer seemed to have changed his famous announcement of 'It's time' to 'It's fight time'. This led to speculation in the media, (well maybe just on the UG), that Buffer was unable to use the phrase because of some existing copyright. Either way, fans were not happy with the change.

Good news is, this was just temporary and everything will go back to normal for the next event:

You know, the question has come up and it's the last time you'll hear me say it. Basically I was just trying out a couple things. I'm going through some marketing aspects and that's really all I can tell you right now, I wanted to try something for marketing purposes.

But 'It's time' is mine, we all know that. And basically that's where it's at. It's all I can tell you.

interview by MiddleEasy...

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LeftLowKick site profile image  

8/29/12 11:54 AM by LeftLowKick


perenialquest site profile image  

8/29/12 10:40 AM by perenialquest

What a ground breaking line: "it's time!" what imagination, what poetry, this man is a grandmaster wordsmith. Fuck

Card site profile image  

8/29/12 9:36 AM by Card

Good news.

Size site profile image  

8/29/12 9:33 AM by Size


Size site profile image  

8/29/12 9:33 AM by Size

That's where I vehemently disagree...I know what time it is, and I don't need the type of time explained to me!That said, I think it would have had a chance to work with a little different cadence, like if "fight" were slipped in with a quickness- "fite-tiiiiiiiime, as opposed to "fiiight tiiiiiiiime". But what do I know. Glad everything's back to normal. Cue "Everything turned out better than expected".jpg

Willin_But_Not_Chaeble site profile image  

8/29/12 9:25 AM by Willin_But_Not_Chaeble

Let me cut through the fog for you: I read something a few days ago that Bruce just started some business venture called "It's Time!" I think changing the words for a few fights was just a ploy to get people to pay attention to this in some capacity.

Stone Free site profile image  

8/29/12 9:20 AM by Stone Free

 Thank god, "It's fight time" was just too awkward.

clayclamitia site profile image  

8/29/12 9:14 AM by clayclamitia

Every time it was said I couldn't help but repeat it in Borat's voice. Good riddance.

XP Ali site profile image  

8/29/12 9:10 AM by XP Ali

I don't know, but I know that recently he's had some very snappy wardrobe choices and I approve of the showmanship.

groundfighter2000 site profile image  

8/29/12 9:03 AM by groundfighter2000

this is considered news?! fuck