Jon Jones asked Dana White to call off Chael Sonnen

by George Halvatzis Jr. | source:

In light of the recent mess that was the cancelation of UFC 151, we still have yet to see the end of the aftermath. Not too many people came out of this looking great, except maybe Chael Sonnen, the unlikely "hero" in this story. Some people have come out of this cast in very deprecatory ways, few more than UFC light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones. In a recent article from The Wrestling Observer, there's yet another piece of information that will add fuel to the Jon Jones fire:

Jones was very upset after Chael began calling him out and mocking him on Twitter, going as far as to contact White and ask him to tell Chael to stop.

Even if you're an avid Jones supporter, it's hard to cast this in a positive light. Sure, it may not always be fun to be the butt of ten thousand Chael Sonnen jokes, but that's not something you can just ask Dana White to stop. It just seems childish for a professional athlete to respond so oddly to a little bit of heat from a possible competitor.

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Robert P Hansson site profile image  

8/31/12 9:47 PM by Robert P Hansson


TopGrinder site profile image  

8/31/12 12:05 PM by TopGrinder

Jones is champ in the ring but a chump outside of it....

SinCityHustler site profile image  

8/31/12 12:00 PM by SinCityHustler


DaleSonnen site profile image  

8/31/12 11:01 AM by DaleSonnen

Jones is being a baby, its a shame too, i thought it would have been interesting to watch them fight, and besides, what would have been so wrong if Chael got the shot even tho his last fight was a title fight loss, Frankie fuckin Edgar lost two title fights to Bendo, and now that little bastard is fighting Aldo for his title? that looks like three title fights in a row to me, I really don't think anyone can talk trash about Chael getting a 2nd one in a row now, I say UFC makes Jones fight Chael (After Vitor gets smashed), it would draw in a whole lot more PR and make a crap load more money, esp if you compare it to Edgar/Aldo

nomoRomophobia site profile image  

8/31/12 8:39 AM by nomoRomophobia

Well played Funk.10.

TheEssence site profile image  

8/31/12 8:29 AM by TheEssence

This is exactly why Jon Jones is such a fucking bitch.. I hope anybody beats him.

UGCTT_ScarecrowRio site profile image  

8/31/12 8:25 AM by UGCTT_ScarecrowRio

  I remember one time I was getting called names because of a horrible zit on my nose. No matter how much I tried to hide it, through duct tape and gold star stickers, the insults would continue. I sat hours on end crying my eyes out over these horrible names, my most hated being "pus-sy" My diary is filled with deep poems, mostly haikus, over the pain I felt.  Then one day while talking to imaginary proboscis monkey, Greg, I learned that I should call out one of these bullies. So the next day, at lunch, I was eating my tuna sandwhich when one of the mean people showed up. "Hey, how does it feel the closest thing you're ever going to be to a pimp is your nose?" my verbal foe said. Though the insult might not emotionally damage most, I was sensitive to this matter. I stood up and yelled "Yeah, bet you can't back that up! I will fight you anywhere, any time...jerk!" "Okay after school" This was not what I was expecting. I figured he would realize the greatness in me confronting him. With little option, I declined and scurried off home ec.  While the laughter continued to grow, I consulted with the principal to stop my soundful beating. He looked at me with the most confused face in the world, suprised not angered for ruining his Happy Labor Day card the previous year by deleting that file off the school's main computer with my "Me and Jesus: A Tale of Equality" essay. He said to me "Are you serious? You are the wrestling captain and are 6'3, the guy your trying to get me to stop is an out of shape debate team member. Do you know how rediculous this looks??" I stared at him, realizing my point was not clear. "Sir, he was mean"  He shook his head and went back to work, leaving me in the dust. In rage that night he marked all his newsletter as spam and yelled into my pillow. Sticks and stones may not much, but those words....they will always sting    

UGCTT_ScarecrowRio site profile image  

8/31/12 7:58 AM by UGCTT_ScarecrowRio

  Its Randy Couture realizing the LHW Division has no motivation, and shit is about to get real

rjambi site profile image  

8/31/12 7:53 AM by rjambi