Rousey: I mostly won fighting men

by Lynn Hoppes | source:

ESPN's Playbook recently had a few minutes to talk with Rousey.

Lynn Hoppes: Women's MMA has gotten very popular in the past year or so. Now the president of UFC might be on board. Do you ever think we'll come to the day when women fight men?

Ronda Rousey: "No. It's a lose-lose situation. I've fought guys before when I competed in judo. I had to take it so seriously. If I lost, I would be losing for all women. I was never happy fighting men. And they were never happy fighting me -- because they mostly lost. I think the women's game is on the rise. The ball needs to keep rolling. After Laila Ali left women's boxing in 2007, it all went downhill. There were no next wave of girls ready to take over and keep it going. I try not to put pressure on myself in my sport. I'm doing the best I can. I'm just hoping to make it easier for others after me. I'm trying to make the sport as big as I can."

LH: You were great at judo, winning an Olympic bronze medal in 2008. It seems recently you've gotten more muscular. Are you worried about looking too masculine?

RR: "I was worried when I was younger. I was made fun of how muscular I was. I think it's a shame to think I would have to give up my femininity to be athletic. How come you have to choose being a successful athlete or being a beautiful woman? I think we should be pushing our body to the absolute limits, and it's something that should be celebrated and not criticized."

LH: You had self-esteem issues growing up?

RR: "I wasn't comfortable how I looked growing up. I never thought of myself as pretty. People tell me that now and I almost think it's not real. I think they are thinking of a picture they saw or have this idea about me. I think they aren't looking at me right. Certain days I feel like I'm on top of the world. I appreciate all this. Every girl wants to feel pretty."

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TheRaider site profile image  

8/31/12 10:02 PM by TheRaider

'atta girl

InTheWeedz site profile image  

8/31/12 9:08 PM by InTheWeedz

  if I FOUGHT Ronda Rousey. . it'd be CURTAINS. . . . I'd destroy her in dominant fashion. .

OCJudoTrngCtr site profile image  

8/31/12 8:41 PM by OCJudoTrngCtr

  I question whether many people posting on the thread actually read the questions and responses. Regarding the question of does she think men will ever fight women in MMA,  she replied  with one word.  That word was "No". She said she did not like fighting men, and men did not like fighting her.  Does that sound like someone calling out male MMA fighters? Regarding beating men, she used an example from judo.  She did not say she was beating Rick Hawn and Travis Stevens at Pedro Judo Center.  She did not say she was thrashing Nick DelPopolo or Justin Flores when she was at Jason Morris Judo Center.  She never said she beat other Olympic calibre male athletes.  There are multiple people who can confirm she beat men in randori.  There is no such thing as mixed competition in IJF judo, so that is the only context she was talking about.  She told the truth.  What is wrong with telling the truth?   

RandyDarsh site profile image  

8/31/12 5:25 PM by RandyDarsh

Not a fan of rousey? VIRGIN.Yea right

georgejonesjr site profile image  

8/31/12 4:53 PM by georgejonesjr

Does anyone seriously think that Rousey can beat men of her size (or even smaller) who are equal to her in skill? She couldn't do it in judo, and it'd be worse in MMA because of striking. I kind of read the conversation as to whether or not she can beat men her size who've trained but aren't at the top levels - which I'd bet she can, in judo or MMA.Its like the top women weight lifters in the Olympics, they'll put more over their head than most men their size who don't lift, and even those who lift a fair amount. But they're no where close to the top level men.

Damasta Shonuff site profile image  

8/31/12 4:22 PM by Damasta Shonuff

No one is disputing that Ronda can beat men who arent on her skill level at Judo. I and im sure others are not surprised an Olympic medalist can beat guys who learned and trained Judo in their spare time. The discussion was about her fighting men in MMA and also about whether or not she could beat men who are equal to her in skill and the same size.

gillyoteen site profile image  

8/31/12 2:02 PM by gillyoteen


RandyDarsh site profile image  

8/31/12 1:55 PM by RandyDarsh

This this this this.She might have been better than done guys while training judo, But if she thinks judo = fighting then I understand why she dropped weight classes to avoid cyborg

Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

8/31/12 1:50 PM by Zed Wayne Zed

It's something better left unsaid imo.

Gunter Vogler site profile image  

8/31/12 1:15 PM by Gunter Vogler

Maybe it's that punching her in the face part (which doesn't come while "fighting judo" with guys) that has her concerned?