Evangelista 'Cyborg' Santos resigns from Strikeforce

source: tatame.com

“I resigned, quit Strikefroce because I signed a six-fight two-year contract. They gave me two fights and it’s been a year I haven’t fought. I can’t live like this, spending a year on the ‘fridge’. There’re events all over the world. People who know me know I like to be active. Since September 2011 I haven’t fought. I can’t do it. Together with my manager, Rudimar (Fedrigo), I’ve sent a letter asking for Strikeforce to release me and they did”.

Almost a year after his last fight, Cyborg Santos explained he depends on fighting to put food on the table and that he needs to fight to keep in shape.

“I lost speed. It’s like playing soccer. You gotta keep playing it. A fighter’s source of money is the money he makes from fighting. If he doesn’t fight he doesn’t make money and doesn’t pay the bills. Everybody has family and their appointments. You can be better than your opponent, but if you fight a guy who’s coming from a three-fight row it’s gonna be a big difference”

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Tubarao site profile image  

9/4/12 1:09 PM by Tubarao


Kool_Aid_Man site profile image  

9/1/12 2:54 AM by Kool_Aid_Man

Yet someone 10 posts down from your post who has been here since 05 is mad that he cant Rousey. But some how im the noob. Im also pretty sure, there isn't a noob out there that saw his fight with Manhoef, like I talked about on the first page.

AlphaMaleJP site profile image  

8/31/12 5:24 AM by AlphaMaleJP

Yeah I'm pretty sure he's still with Gold Team & he won't get SF money in legacy, but I'm sure he would like to make good money close to home and get seen on tv, too.

Fabefromfort site profile image  

8/30/12 9:09 PM by Fabefromfort

Just wondering with respect to Chris Cyborg's positive test for Steroids, and the result of that fight being overturned from a 16 second KO by, to No contest. Shouldn't she be automatically disqualified ? Now how about Cyborg's fight with Gina Carano, and everybody else. Shouldn't some of those be ruled No Contest ?. Dana is drooling all over Cyborg as we speak for a big PPV, maybe with Rhonda, or Meisha. I don't think Gina will be coming back. But if she did for Revenge... As slim as those chances are... A rematch with Carano-Cyborg would certainly push the 800,000 PPV mark, if not more. Rousey-Kaufmann was successful because Sarah's a Canadian. Canadians are nuts over MMA. Rousey-Cyborg would be big at 135 or 140, even 145 would have a good audience. You can bet at some point both fighters will be using steroids, just going to be extra careful to not get caught. I wonder how much steroids Evangelista's used in his lifetime, probably about as much as Wnaderlei Silva. They both are probably legally females, with no testicles or penis left. And in contrast Cyborg's probably legally a male with all the Testosterone, and her privates turning into male genitalia. Either way, all will be in a UFC main event in the near future possibly to a Stadium near you.

minotauro11 site profile image  

8/30/12 6:56 PM by minotauro11

I wish, he actually signed with a Canadian promotion called Instinct MMA and is fighting Brandon Thatch in his debut. Should be a fun fight and I think Cyborg will win.Cyborg is awesome, I will always watch and root for him.

armbarheelhook site profile image  

8/30/12 6:23 PM by armbarheelhook

One FC here he comes...!

UGCTT_AlexE site profile image  

8/30/12 5:56 PM by UGCTT_AlexE


gillyoteen site profile image  

8/30/12 5:52 PM by gillyoteen

does anybody else read threadstarters handle as 'man meets tate'? as in miesha tate?

gillyoteen site profile image  

8/30/12 5:51 PM by gillyoteen

actually it is cyborg where talking about