Alex Davis: Living the effects of UFC 151 cancellation

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If Dana White is the controversial heart of Mixed Martial Arts, manager Alex Davis is the sport's conscience. In what is now a must-read continuing series for MMAJunkie, Davis turns his attention towards the cancellation of UFC 151, and the chaos inherent in MMA.

Unpredictability is part of this sport starting from the fight inside the ring, where we have all seen time after time that absolutely anything can happen. How many times have we seen guys that were complete underdogs come out and war – and even win? I don't think there is another sport out there where stories like that happen as much as they do in MMA.

But the unpredictable nature of MMA goes beyond what happens in the ring. It seems the whole sport is like that. I have slowly become accustomed to this, and I am always ready for a different turn in what was planned and supposed to happen versus what actually transpires.

This week, I am watching and living the effects of the cancellation of UFC 151, and I'm dealing with all of the fallout for everyone involved. This is a difficult sport to manage and handle. Guys sometimes get hurt, and recently that seems to happen all the time. But not only that, fighters are fighters, and they have certain characteristics which are just part of who they are, and on a daily basis that spills into what is supposed to happen and what actually happens.

When you work as a manager in MMA, what you are doing essentially is managing risk. Looking at it in that way, I think it was very unfortunate that Jon Jones elected not to fight Chael Sonnen. It's been well-documented that Sonnen was not training for a fight, and Jones' risk in fighting Sonnen would seem smaller than he would have faced fighting Dan Henderson. And you simply can't deny the negative effects that Jones' decision to decline Sonnen had on a lot of other people. Taking that into account, I really think he should have fought.

Risk and unpredictability will always loom large over every moment of a fighter's career. It's only his heart that can carry a fighter through his most difficult tests.

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Recent Comments »

BertR site profile image  

9/1/12 6:06 PM by BertR

Perhaps Davis should have focused more on managing the risk of Zuffa putting on a paper-thin card where one match makes-or-breaks the event.Jones deciding to fight or not fight is his decision and should be respected, otherwise you want to create emotionally unhealthy enmeshments where others are guilted into submitting to do what they feel is not in the best interest for their career.

Smellde Gluve site profile image  

9/1/12 6:05 PM by Smellde Gluve

You got it right.Never read anything by the guy before but that was horrible.First he says we've seen underdogs go in and win.Then he disregards a fighters wish to be as prepared as possible for the actual opponent he's about to face?It baffles me when people as experienced as this guy get it so wrong.

JetSetter site profile image  

9/1/12 5:56 PM by JetSetter

I need to be banned from this damn site. It's like a train wreck that I keep looking at cause I can't believe what I'm seeing.Jon Jones is fighting 3 and 4 times a year against the baddest men on Earth and that's not enough for you guys. He's demolished everyone put in his way and now he's afraid of Chael big mouth Sonnen who's only strength is his trolling.I have news for you. Now that Jones is at a point in his career like Anderson silva is, they don't need to take ANY fight unless they know it's gonna do HUGE PPV numbers. They've earned that right and that's good risk management.

Smellde Gluve site profile image  

9/1/12 5:52 PM by Smellde Gluve

Hitler worship was the "consensus" in Nazi Germany.Did that make it right?

Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

9/1/12 5:41 PM by Zed Wayne Zed

Well, I don't see it that way, but I will admit my post was a tad harsh.Okay, as a fan of the sport and as someone who hold a ton of respect for fighters and the guys working their way through the grind, of course I care.I just feel like this gotten a bit too much play.Maybe I am bitter, that really could be it.

LucasBTiger site profile image  

9/1/12 5:01 PM by LucasBTiger

I am truly sorry about your job... and anyone who is having trouble with theirs. But, your mindset is spoiled, in this regard.If I had less empathy... I'd say, "Would you like some bread with your bitter."

LucasBTiger site profile image  

9/1/12 4:59 PM by LucasBTiger

I was just about to say this. Amen.It's funny that, because 9/10 folks feel that JJ was wrong, the other 1 says that we are "ganging up" on him. When this many people feel this way, it's not "piling on"... It's nearly a fucking consensus.

Authority Figure site profile image  

9/1/12 12:29 PM by Authority Figure

Perhaps this is the real problem. Empathy. No one seems to care about anyone else's troubles.

Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

9/1/12 11:56 AM by Zed Wayne Zed

Sorry, don't care.I mean, yes it is sad, but does this dude care that my company got bought out last wek and I might be out a job in two months? No, he won't.The fight game is a rollercoaster, deal with it.

Authority Figure site profile image  

9/1/12 11:55 AM by Authority Figure

It's great that you agree with him, but you're in no position to gauge how millions of fans across the entire planet feel about the situation. When I say "pile on" mentality I'm suggesting that "yes, yes, you're pissed. You've made your case. You've vilified the guy for a week. Now move the fuck on to a new topic."