Arlovski: I didn't care if I got DQd, I was kicking Sylvia in face anyway


"About my fight with Tim Sylvia, it was ruled a 'No Contest,' but, to be honest with you, I don't really care. For some reason, when the referee raised his arm up, it's like he gave me a signal to kick him. Even if he didn't raise his arm up, I would have done it anyway, because Tim said, before the fight, that he was gonna kick me if he had the opportunity. It's exactly what I told Travis Browne and Greg Jackson. I told them this, and I don't really care if they disqualify me or not. If I have an opportunity for a soccer kick, I'm going to do it, and I did."

"I dropped Tim Sylvia with my combo, with my hands. Right, left, right. I'm over all this. It wasn't necessary to kick him with a soccer kick, but I did it, and pretty much everyone knows that I dropped him. We move on. The bad blood between me and Tim Sylvia, it's over, and that's it."

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bignightmare site profile image  

9/10/12 3:59 PM by bignightmare

"Hey Tim How's my toe toe taste? Eh?"

SonOfThePeepHole site profile image  

9/6/12 6:32 AM by SonOfThePeepHole

AA in the UFC

Vitor29 site profile image  

9/6/12 3:56 AM by Vitor29

MainelyBJJ has tasted AA's big pee pee and does not like the taste!

DCiocia08 site profile image  

9/6/12 1:04 AM by DCiocia08


DCiocia08 site profile image  

9/6/12 1:03 AM by DCiocia08

Lost respect for arlivski after the brett rogers fight

Dong Johnson site profile image  

9/6/12 1:00 AM by Dong Johnson

 the level of punching power difference between elite MMA guys and journeyman retired, 50 year old boxers are still over-whelming. 2 of the hardest hitting MMA heavyweights unloaded flush wild bombs on Timmy and couldn't put him out. All it took was 1 punch from a 50 yr old boxer to knock Tim stiff.

Flexo site profile image  

9/6/12 12:49 AM by Flexo

Did you really just use the term nutthuggers? You've jumped into every thread and defended your hero, worse then UKTT guys. We get it, you would suck Tims balls givin the chance, my god give it up. Tim was done, and your not convincing anybody otherwise. Now get mad and have a tantrum over this post, I'm waiting.

arlovski666 site profile image  

9/6/12 12:38 AM by arlovski666

Please never compare Bisping and AA in any way shape or form. Ever.

SawyerKOKoff site profile image  

9/5/12 11:30 PM by SawyerKOKoff

That combo was great. Tim is such a dumbass. lol.

catgobling site profile image  

9/5/12 4:49 PM by catgobling

who could he referring to when he said they could pair him up with someone from the gracie camp?