White: UFC 151 fighters were compensated

by Chris Palmquist | source: fuel.tv

Tonight in an interview with Ariel Helwania, UFC President Dana White revealed that some of the fighters that were scheduled for UFC 151, but  had their fights rescheduled months away, were indeed 'compensated'.

Earlier reports from media had indicated that the rules of the Nevada State Athletic Commission would require the UFC to offer these fighters bouts on the next scheduled card or to pay their 'show' money.



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Phisher site profile image  

9/6/12 5:40 AM by Phisher

Really? Why were there a bunch of guys demanding money from Jon Jones on Twitter?

DojoJay site profile image  

9/6/12 5:01 AM by DojoJay

 I wonder if Bones, Hendo, and Jackson got "Fall Guy" bonuses???  

Chromium site profile image  

9/6/12 4:48 AM by Chromium

Most of them still lost their sponsor money (AlienWare and Fear The Fighter being exceptions).

Chromium site profile image  

9/6/12 4:47 AM by Chromium

I would say $15 million is about right, even with the added buys from UFC 152.

dubate site profile image  

9/6/12 2:54 AM by dubate

Yes because Zuffa has never gone out of their way before to compensate a fighter who got cheated out of a fight after a full camp (anyone who has been scheduled to fight Karo over the last 3 years) or given a winners bonus to a fighter who got cheated on a bad decision. Nope they never take care of their fighters unless they legally have to. Seriously for the people who want to criticize Zuffa, you need to find a different avenue of attack because they have a pretty solid history of going out of pocket to take care of their fighters.

MPA2000 site profile image  

9/6/12 1:05 AM by MPA2000

Before you Zuffa nuthuggers start praising Dana, you should know that the Commissions rules require promoters to either pay fighters their would purse or to put them in the next event, when an event is canceled.Just saying that this had nothing to do with Zuffa being warm hearted and fuzzy.

WhiskyJars site profile image  

9/5/12 1:56 PM by WhiskyJars

i was going to pay the salaries of the other fightersbut my bentley repairs cost to much -bones

Authority Figure site profile image  

9/5/12 12:13 PM by Authority Figure

It would have been equally impressive if some of the fighters and managers [that have been so vocal about their financial instability] had publicly acknowledged that they were paid for fighting. Which of course Zuffa always had the ability to do, regardless of whether 151 was cancelled (due to their own internal decision)or not.

iamarealamerican site profile image  

9/5/12 11:16 AM by iamarealamerican

what you gonna do, when halwanimania runs wild on you, brother?!

epwar site profile image  

9/5/12 11:14 AM by epwar

But Cindy O said this was a laughable idea in my thread about compensating the fighters. ;-) Glad to hear this was done and that they took care of them.