Dana White: If Hendo revealed knee injury earlier, 151 might have happened

source: The Underground

When Jon Jones refused a last minute replacement of Chael Sonnen following Dan Henderson's announcement of a knee injury, and UFC 151 was cancelled, UFC President Dana White laid the blame forcefully on Jones. The light heavyweight champion quickly became "the most hated man in MMA."

Jones took to Twitter, and made the case that the root cause of the cancellation was not his refusal to fight Sonnen, but rather Henderson's holding back for two weeks about his knee injury.

@JonnyBones Hendo injured 3+ weeks ago?!!? Who carries the blame now?”

Jon Bones Jones ‏@JonnyBones
Glad you guys are opening up your eyes

Jon Bones Jones ‏@JonnyBones
Dan Henderson Got Hurt 3 Weeks Ago http://www.opposingviews.com/i/sports/boxingmma/dan-henderson-got-hurt-3-weeks-ago...

Aaron Kuehn @AaronDKuehn
Thanks to @JonnyBones I have no plans tonight....

Jon Bones Jones ‏@JonnyBones
Thanks to the old man and his knee I don't either

This served only to fan the flames of fan disconent.

However, in an interview on FUEL TV, White notably softened on Jones, and indicated that Henderson's holding out on the injury did indeed contribute to the cancellation.

Dan Henderson knew two weeks before the fight," said White. "Two weeks before he told me he was injured, he knew. And if he had given me those two weeks, like he should have, this fight might have happened.”

While stating empatically that he had “no regrets whatsoever" about putting Jones and his trainer Greg Jackson on blast, White adopted a more understanding and collegial tone, although he noted they had not talked since the incident.

 “I’ve got no animosity towards Jones," said White. "We’ll find out how our relationship is as we move on. This thing is a little weird. It’s never happened before.

“Jon is a young guy and he’s made mistakes that young people make. Who doesn’t at his age? If I went back to being 23 years old with a ton of fame and a ton of money, that’s when you make all your mistakes. The great thing about making your mistakes in your 20s is by the time you’ve established yourself in your late 20s and 30s, you’ve already made all your mistakes and you can conduct yourself the way you should.”

“I give Jon Jones a lot of slack. The guy is young. I’m never going to tell you because Jon Jones didn’t fight in 151 that he’s a terrible fighter. He’s a phenomenal fighter. Anyone who’s watched the UFC long enough and knows my personality, they know how I am.

“Anyone who’s watched the UFC long enough and knows my personality, they know how I am. I’ve dealt with the baddest dudes in the world for the last 12 years, and that’s what I like doing. I like fighters. I like how they think.

"They can be a little hard to deal with, but that’s part of the game.”

As for trainer Greg Jackson, White softened not at all.

"He's definitely to blame, too, but there's never been a case, ever, in UFC history, where a guy didn't step up and take a fight. I had pretty good reason to be upset.

"I just think, the Greg Jackson stuff.. this guy... this is my philosophy on trainers, too: You need a good trainer, a guy who's gonna be there for you, who can kind of keep you in line and keep you training and everything else. But trainers don't make fighters. Talented fighters make trainers, and that's a fact.

"The thing you have to understand about Greg Jackson, too, and I'll say it again, I said it before, this guy's a businessman. First and foremost, before anything, this guy is a businessman. He built a business.

"'We're a family.' That's what he kept telling Rashad Evans and Jon, so they wouldn't fight, because 'we're a family.' I told Rashad and Jon, 'He's not your family. Greg Jackson is not your family member, okay? If things go bad for you, tomorrow, Brother Greg isn't gonna be there for you. Is he gonna pay your bills? Is he gonna take care of your family? Your real family? No, he's not.'

"And, you saw, when it came down to it, when push came to shove, who did Greg Jackson pick? He picked Jon Jones, the guy that he believed would beat Rashad. That's a fact. That's a business. He's a businessman."

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Oontyex site profile image  

1 day ago by Oontyex

So happy Conor isn't training with Greg Jackson

BobbyDigital420 site profile image  

1 day ago by BobbyDigital420

member this?

Dosantowned site profile image  

9/6/12 2:20 AM by Dosantowned

HA! Even Dana blames Hendo. Fuck the Jones haters!

dermotfix site profile image  

9/6/12 2:19 AM by dermotfix

Dana would suck a dick to win a sack-race.

orcus site profile image  

9/6/12 2:10 AM by orcus

 1 thread about Dan's responsibility in the event not happening with a handful of responses.... ...a full week of dozens and dozens of threads about Jones' fault with thousands of responses and still going strong.

Wasa-B site profile image  

9/6/12 1:48 AM by Wasa-B

Bout mf'in time .....and then blaf will admit some blame when he's.....retired

Fedoral Crime site profile image  

9/6/12 1:02 AM by Fedoral Crime

 Jon Jones haters have gone awfully quiet haven't they? Just because he's a giant douche,  was NEVER a good enough reason to blame him for cancelling this card. I'm suprised how quick people were to blame him & unreservedly take Dana's word as the truth. How many times has he done this sort of shit to fighters? Just off the top of my head, he's blamed & publicy turned people against Shogun, Overeem & of course Fedor.   I thought Dana looked kinda pathetic going from blaming Jones 100% last week, to blaming Hendo, but not once did he try & take even a little bit of responsibility. He sounded like a stubborn 8 year old when Ariel asked him would he change how he handled the situation. All he had to say was "yeah well maybe looking back on it now we could of done things differently". But oh no, big tough Dana couldn't even bring himself to do that. It's a shame cos there's is no other president of any sports org, that is so accessible & admired by fans of the sport. This type of shit just turns people against him & it could be so easily avoided  if he just didn't blurt out the first thing that comes to his head all the time.  Blaming everyone else but himself is the height of immaturity, which is something he had the nerve to accuse Jon Jones of (I'm not saying Jones isn't immature, but Dana really does go on like a child sometimes). And what was up with his leg? Being the doctor that i am (Butthole, Vagina & Boobie doctor) it looked like he was nervous as fuck & felt like a fool but just couldn't come out & say why. FRAT over, the moral of this story is: Condit ran!

Bipolar site profile image  

9/5/12 11:31 PM by Bipolar

Incrediblethe amount of crap you can put into 3 lines of typing.1) How do you know for certain that Dan was told that he would be 'good to go' if he stayed off his knee?2) Stay off his knee until when? Fight night? So you're saying Dan was told NOT TO train for the weeks leading up to the fight?3) Even if the above is true, don't you think Dan has an obligation to inform the UFC of the injury as soon as it occured so they could make the proper contingency plans?4) Chael used to fight at LHW and is as big or bigger than a lot of LHW.5) You have no idea if Chael had been training. There's good reason to believe that he knew ahead of time that Hendo would be pulling out and waspreparing for a possible fight with Jon.

MuchRespec' site profile image  

9/5/12 8:32 PM by MuchRespec'

Two weeks, 14 days, less 3-4 days, now you're down to 10 days. The replacement fight was turned down at 8 days out. Totally plausible time frame here. IMO its unfair to hang it on a legend for dropping out of a fight for the first time in nearly a decade and a half. Disingenuous to blame scrapping an event on 1 guys injury.