McCall: 'Stupid' cops thought I was a drug dealer


Beloved UGer Ian McCall recently appeared in the MMA Hour, and discussed his arrest and recent early release.

"They thought I was a drug dealer. Don't know why. Well, actually, I know why. Someone that doesn't like me told them I was a drug dealer. An actual drug dealer that doesn't like me got busted - I've seen the paperwork - and said ‘oh, he's a drug dealer too.'

"And they came over to my house and they didn't find any drugs, they didn't find any text messages, they didn't find anything bad. So they're like ‘okay, you're not a drug dealer, but your probation officer said to come get you anyways because you have a suspended license.' It was embarrassing. Them taking me away in front of my daughter and my wife.

"They tore my house apart, they tore my car apart. I guess they were following me from the gym, and they said, ‘oh, it would be more embarrassing if you got arrested in front of your gym.' Well I'd much rather be arrested in front of my gym, where my coach is a lawyer, compared to me being arrested at my house, in front of my neighbors and my daughter. I don't know.

"Cops are stupid, and they really just wanted to come to the house and search the house. But, again, I'm not a drug dealer and I'm not being charged with selling drugs."

"I couldn't sleep in there. I got maybe like an hour of sleep a day, for the first ten days. I remember just sitting up and I was like, ‘What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here. This isn't where I'm supposed to be right now. I should be at the gym, at least getting punched in the face, if not punching someone in the face. I'm supposed to be doing better things with my life, and creating a life for my family.'

"Any matter of time is a long time when you're away from your daughter and your wife. Even one night is too much. It's definitely not a place I ever want to go back to."

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dead_man_walking site profile image  

9/10/12 1:00 AM by dead_man_walking

Cops should need more to get a search warrant for a house then someone else s word and driving without a drives license.

William Colosimo site profile image  

9/10/12 12:56 AM by William Colosimo


DakenTattoo site profile image  

9/10/12 12:49 AM by DakenTattoo


Muay Tired site profile image  

9/8/12 3:43 PM by Muay Tired

Oh the ironing! For the record, Siege MMA is co-owned by a cop. LOL!

bewl site profile image  

9/7/12 11:02 PM by bewl


AK-BJJ site profile image  

9/7/12 9:36 PM by AK-BJJ

You'll always remember your first lol Thanks broHey my brother owns the only Lotus Club gym in Arizona ( Next time Giva comes out you're more than welcome to come with him... Train, set up a seminar for you, whatever... Ricardo Zanelato is out here for a few months right now. Anyway, I know you're busy but just wanted to throw the invite out there for you... Good luck with everything man

Haulport site profile image  

9/7/12 8:24 PM by Haulport

  LOL! Awesome song. Awesome band!

Drunkie site profile image  

9/7/12 7:55 PM by Drunkie

county jail isn't really where that crap goes down that much. most of the people there are just there for court or doing short time. once you get to prison is where shit can get nasty. but it is just like the streets. it is all about how you carry yourself. if you act like a bitch you get treated like a bitch.

Gatorade site profile image  

9/7/12 7:00 PM by Gatorade

did you have to use your MMA skills on anyone to prevent rape? or was it not that bad?  you're in cali so i assume you may have been locked down with some legit criminals and booty packers.

UGCTT_UncleCreepy site profile image  

9/7/12 6:46 PM by UGCTT_UncleCreepy

hahaha first vote up i have ever done!