Jon Jones: White blaming everyone but himself

by Dan Gelston | source: The Associated Press

The 25-year-old Jones, one of UFC's brightest stars, said he had no regrets in turning down the fight. He has agreed to defend his title against Vitor Belfort at UFC 152 on Sept. 22 in Toronto.

"I had to do what's right for myself by turning down that fight, Dana had to do what was right for himself by putting the blame on everyone else except for himself," Jones said by phone Wednesday. "The lesson to be learned is, at the end of the day, you have to protect yourself and your family."

Much to the promotion's anger, Jones said no thanks. White said Jones was the first UFC champion ever to turn down a match. White went off on an uncensored rant on Jones and his trainer, Greg Jackson. Jones said it was wrong for the UFC to think he would accept a new opponent, "just like that."

Jones has yet to speak to White about his scathing remarks.

"I think in the future, this can make me and Dana even better off," Jones said. "For him to get out how he felt about me in that situation, it will help me look at things more business-oriented. A lot of good can come out of it. Fighters can learn the lesson of doing what's best for themselves and not feeling like puppets. I think the UFC has learned a lesson of making sure they stay loyal to the fans and give them full cards."

"People tell me, 'You're the champ, you've got to take the fight,'" he said. "Being the champ wasn't given to me.

"I don't owe anybody anything."

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56sav site profile image  

9/7/12 8:43 PM by 56sav

I don't want to go quite as far as saying Jones is a disgrace to MMA but everything he's done since causing 151 to be cancelled isn't helping his stock. He needs to just keep quiet and learn from his mistake.

Macedawgg site profile image  

9/7/12 6:10 AM by Macedawgg


TenOfSwords site profile image  

9/7/12 5:46 AM by TenOfSwords

Right around this time of year 40 years ago, Lobo's biggest hit single, I'd Love You To Want Me, was just beginning its run up the charts.  In the second verse, there were these two lines that didn't seem to fit at all with the rest of the lyrics: "The obligation that you made, For the title that they gave." That sums up Jones' situation perfectly: As the champion, he had no right to duck a fight. So this is his fault - and no one else's.

TSMontana site profile image  

9/7/12 5:38 AM by TSMontana

I 100% agree. Lost a little respect for Team Quest after that.

sextoymagic site profile image  

9/7/12 3:08 AM by sextoymagic

Bones knows

Chiron site profile image  

9/7/12 2:20 AM by Chiron

You know just because you make stupid statements like "period" or "If you don't agree you have zero logical reasoning" doesn't mean it's true. In fact, when someone uses statements like that, it's usually because their actual arguments are weak - just like yours are.

TSMontana site profile image  

9/6/12 7:49 PM by TSMontana

LOL @ serving Jon Jones his walking papers, if he loses once. Bellator, or OneFC would make JBJ the centerpiece for their expansion, and probably make him a much richer man than he is right now.

Authority Figure site profile image  

9/6/12 7:39 PM by Authority Figure

He is. But he forgot the other lesson:If you're going to call out Dana White you better be sure that you never lose another fight again. 'Cause first fight you lose, you're getting served walking papers. Or consider how difficult his contract renewal will be. Or how slow Zuffa might work on approving new sponsors.

Warzone209 site profile image  

9/6/12 7:35 PM by Warzone209

  Meathead got dominated by a Gatekeeper and it wasn't even close..JBj would rain hellbows on Meatheads dome and he would quit.

JerodR site profile image  

9/6/12 7:30 PM by JerodR

Scared... lol Which of these names strikes fear?MachidaRampageShogunRashadSonnen? Really?