Bisping: I’m a better fighter than Brian Stann

by Michael Bisping | source:

The fact is that I’m a better fighter than Brian Stann. I’ve got him beaten is almost every department, although I think he’s a dangerous striker and, from what I’ve been told, he is physically very strong.

He’s also got a reputation for being a come-forward aggressive fighter – which is the way I like my opponents – but having watched him on tape he isn’t always that aggressive. In some fights, he hesitates and sits back, and those are the fights he doesn’t do very well in. He also doesn’t seem to come up with a Plan B very quickly. I’m looking to start fast, take the initiative, and dictate the fight and not let him get any confidence at all.

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OneTesticledMoneyLaunderer site profile image  

9/7/12 12:35 PM by OneTesticledMoneyLaunderer

Bisping's offensive wrestling isn't that great. Stann was stuffing some of Chael's takedowns and Bisping doesn't bring that pressure like Sonnen does. Bisping might start to pick him apart but all it takes is for Stann to land that big ol' overhand right to remind him 'Murican's run this show.

robopimp site profile image  

9/7/12 12:33 PM by robopimp

Yes. This.

Teenage mutant lesnar turtle site profile image  

9/7/12 12:29 PM by Teenage mutant lesnar turtle


Chimp Strength site profile image  

9/7/12 12:19 PM by Chimp Strength

  I call bs on round one being Chaels 'easily' (if memory serves me correct, it aint what it used to be).  I had it 2-1 Bisping I remember that for sure.

KneeToFaceKo site profile image  

9/7/12 11:15 AM by KneeToFaceKo

LOL@bisping. Looking forward to him getting ktfo again. Seriously.

NoGi bear site profile image  

9/7/12 8:55 AM by NoGi bear

Yeah he dominated Chael Sonnen for the MW UFC title

3rdLion site profile image  

9/7/12 8:54 AM by 3rdLion

The Brit won decisively?

Lazer MMA site profile image  

9/7/12 8:22 AM by Lazer MMA

It's crazy I concur but still not as crazy as saying he won VS Sonnen when Rd.'s 1 & 3 were Sonnen's easy. These Bisping fans are mad delusional talking about him beating JBJ with no camp LMFAO, with him never even beating any top 10 ever. They also rewrite history talking about Bisping winning the fight VS Hendo until he got KO'ed. This even after I refer to independent sources that scored the fight correctly for Hendo every step of the way.Having said that, I have no real feeling for this fight at all.

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

9/7/12 8:12 AM by Chimonos Revenge

I can't believe people still think Bisping won the Wanderlei fight

Chimp Strength site profile image  

9/7/12 8:01 AM by Chimp Strength

Translation of Bisping taking the initiative... I'm going to take him down and wrestlefuck him or, failing that, wall and stall. Last thing he wants is to get hit in the face by Stann. Having said that, I expect him to be able to dominate Stann with his wrestling. Don't see how he's going to be able to pull of a victory impressive enough for a title shot without finishing Stann though and I just don't see him doing that. Maybe a fight with Weidman is up next.