Bisping: I'll beat Brian Stann and then WILL fight Anderson Silva

source: ufc

"This isn't UK vs. America. This is Michael Bisping vs. Brian Stann. It's an individual sport and come the 22nd of September, I'm going to individually kick the crap out of Brian Stann. When he was in basic training shining his boots, I was in the UFC kicking ass.

"I'm getting better and better with every fight, I'm maturing as a fighter, I feel I'm in my prime, and I'm ready to beat Brian Stann and then take that title.

"He's not training as hard as me, he can't train as hard as me. I've done this my whole life. Regardless of where the fight takes place, Sept. 22 I'm coming for him, and he knows that."

"He's got decent punching power, and that's what I've got to watch for. I can punch pretty hard myself.
If he thinks I can't knock him out, then the guy is f---- crazy.

"I want my shot. People have had their shot. Others have had their shot, stepped in their and fallen over with a little slap. I won't do that, I'll turn up to fight. Anderson Silva will be in the fight of his life when we fight, and we will fight. I will beat Brian Stann and I will fight Anderson Silva."

Middleweight contenders Michael Bisping and Brian Stann will fight at UFC 152 in Toronto on September 22.


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ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

9/9/12 1:21 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 he will probably beat stann, but at least he doesnt think he'll beat ando

ipswichross site profile image  

9/9/12 11:00 AM by ipswichross

I truly believe Bisping will beat Stann convincingly. I'm a big fan of Stann's, but as long as Bisping doesn't get cocky and avoids that power right, he should take it. But if Stann lands a good shot and puts Bisping on queer street, it could be over very quickly.If Bisping fights as well as he did against Sonnen, it's in the bag. Hopefully he will then get the title shot......Which I hope he shocks the world and wins, but bispings striking v Silva's striking?? different planets......shit, different dimensions!!Either way getting real sick of the OTT Brit Nut Riders, and equally sick of the OTT Brit haters. Main reason I haven't posted here for long while, but I am starting to see some sensible people, make well informed points again lately....regardless of which side of the pond they are from.Just looking forward to some fights......starting to withdraw......

Altofsky site profile image  

9/9/12 10:43 AM by Altofsky

 "Robbed against Wanderlei" is a clear sign of an obvious troll. Wanderlei knocked out AND choked out Mike in the same goddamn fight. After the 2nd and 3rd rounds, Mike had to ask his corner what happened. He was out at the end of BOTH rounds.

3rdLion site profile image  

9/9/12 9:29 AM by 3rdLion

He beat Chael in a lot of people's opinion, fighters and pundits alike and the UFC has treated him as though he did win. That along with a win over a dangerous opponent in Stann justifies a title shot for me.

Jaybrone site profile image  

9/9/12 6:27 AM by Jaybrone

Ya and Chael put it to Anderson for 4 rounds. Bisping is a good fighter but let him beat a top ten opponent or two before he demands a title shot.

mijo site profile image  

9/9/12 6:19 AM by mijo

I think there is alittle luck in knocking out someone, but with Bisping circling to his left the whole fight. Hendo's chances were increased greatly. Bisping got KTFO. That was the end result.

Outlaw'd by Lytle site profile image  

9/9/12 6:07 AM by Outlaw'd by Lytle

I need to qualify my statement:I don't think there's anything lucky about Hendo's power. I just think the shot against Mike was a wild strike that luckily landed right on the button.I'm not taking anything away from Hendo, awesome fighter, arguably GOAT, but he did get lucky with Bisping.

mmavixen site profile image  

9/8/12 6:01 PM by mmavixen

  Exactly.... Thanks for the logic, OTSS. I can't believe ANYONE would ever discount Hendo's knockout power as lucky.  Now I've heard it all.

mmavixen site profile image  

9/8/12 5:58 PM by mmavixen

  LOL...Hendo must be the luckiest guy on earth, Period.

OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

9/8/12 5:29 PM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

He didn't say he would beat Silva. That was the most interesting thing about it to me.